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North wears a river your home -- hotel of Liu Pinhui family

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North wears river Liu to taste benefit hotel, olympic park is overlooked on the west, dove nest park leans east, east park of bar of tower of snail of hill travel commercial and transportation center, green jade, communication is easy. Each travel tourist attractions have space of ten minutes only. Distance seaside also has space of 5 minutes only. Walk into Liu Pinhui hotel, what appear at the moment is two Xiaolou of a single house, decorate luxurious, the environment is neat and elegant, set a standard, two worlds, 3 worlds, 4 worlds and much world, facility is complete. Stock electric fan, color television. Air conditioning and offer round-the-clock Hou 24 hours hot water, clean for the room everyday, cleanness and disinfection, assure the safety of passenger person belongings.

A day during depend on morning, I think you always are not willing to miss the first in the morning first sun rays in the morning. So you can watch sunrise to dove nest park, have here sow between blue waves asperse the dawn that come.

Sunrise is the warmth of the sea afterwards, delicate beach, soft lawn, the joyance of salvo of 10 thousand birds, catharsis the exhaustion of your a suit.

You can take the evening before dining table, eating seafood, when drinking glacial Pi, you still can admire the beautiful scenery that the setting sun issues on the west. At that time the life is how good, you meet the joyance that accompanying a success to drink a few cups more for certain.

After night returns, the warmth of hotel, comfortable hut will be with your silent sleep deeply in the harbour of sea area night.

This is Liu Pinhui hotel. Your dream can come true for you one by one here.

For convenient passenger, hotel returns stock self-help kitchen, machine all sorts of seafood freely, offer for you receive station, travel rents a car and buy on sb's behalf the service such as return ticket.

Not best. It is better to have only. Liu tastes what benefit hotel abides by is it is a concept with sincere letter, it is a foundation with enthusiasm, for " sacred " and service. Will to here will surely let you have a kind of sweet romance, the feeling of guests feel at home.

Phone: 13780357904 0335-4269791
q q : 387788531
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