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North wears river travel strategy

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Also did not find in the strategy of Dai He looking for north all the time, eventually 10.1 go playing came back, write result of a few days, the hope looks for the friend that is less than a strategy,

Learn a lesson.
Go-off on September 30, 2007 15: 05
Arrival time on September 30, 2007 21: 30
The journey center of recreation of international of island of snail of 10.1 celestial being, Na Daihe (also call gold the coast)
10.2 take Great Wall of the luxurious You Lun, hill that record part (of Qin Dai) , the temple that watch ** (forgot) , old bibcock tourist attraction (of what sea or what water

, or of what hill be in seminary) , take 4 people mosquito craft, the world the first close- - hill custom.
Much at 3 o'clock on September 30, 2007 afternoon car sets out to wore a river to north more at 9 o'clock in the evening from Shenyang north (number forgot. Memory is bad) , make report ahead of schedule

The word gives hotel the employer, the boss looks for a car to be received we, we a 10 person, it is my classmate. The strategy is less than because of searching before going. Love travel from

This hotel phone that asks over there swimming friend. North wore the fair car of the river to had been done not have in the evening, if blind past is endured very easily in night,slaughter. Proposal

If everybody is to arrive in the evening. Had better call ahead of schedule contact hotel. Arrived hotel gave fare 15-20 yuan, forgot. (the local car of travel

Row 20 yuan, very cheap) the boss of hotel is female, call her Liu aunt, what receive us nevertheless is groups of small person is right very enthusiastic, his mobile phone date

The code is 13780357904. Was opposite still have q q number 3387788531 nets name is north Dai He watchs the sea. I am compulsory make conduct propaganda do not collect fees, ha.

The friend introduces me to go this inn, one, it is the friend goes every year boreal Dai He lives he clean and the price is not then expensive, 24 hours of hot water bathe. 2, because of,be

Returned Tianjin to discover ring is pulled last year for the friend was in hotel. The mail after the boss is found returned Tianjin, serve as postage to the boss when friend remittance, or feeling

Stimulate. Result money is given to be sent again by the boss. The person is very right. Her phone is 0335 - 4269791. The chummage between her home standard just 50 yuan everyday every

. Have toilet and shower bath the sort of. I observed 2 days, her home is in that hotel area is cleaner, attitude of attending to guests also is the most marvellous. In the evening

Say to go the following day to Liu aunt Na Daihe, she helps connection car, in the morning 7: 30 have a car to receive, entrance ticket 65 yuan, there is slippery sanded slippery grass inside, with other amusement

Happy equipment, in the brigade that wears a river in this second holiday north, this entrance ticket is the most worth while, other and all tourist attraction is uniform do not suggest everybody goes. Be without fun.

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