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North wears river self-help to swim strategy

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1, live

We chose Liu Zhuang, its advantage depends on leaving a seaside close, park of road of pond of dove nest, stone, abstruse body is not far also. Though some are pallet, but return content to be worth somewhat, sexual price is higher than comparing (house price the low, charge that take a car when low, province, still but the charge that leave out is in what bathing place develops a bath) .

2, play

Gold coast: The beach here compares Liu Zhuang really want fine, the person is a few less also, can find a few loose a feeling (of Liu Zhuang too noisy) . But its entrance ticket is a ticket (65 yuan, include 12 items) , but him courage is small, played 3 only, slippery sand, slippery grass, fast fall, slippery blanket did not sit, try however chase (among them) , too mental retardation, the child of nursery school plays just in time. Sum up such place to suit young only finally, brave kid. Of the person of the same trade have an old person, how do you say to let them play? Major tourist played a few only, of other can abandon only. I want to block Ding Che however, annoying is that is absent in covering a bill, want to collect fees additionally. Still one is hired in this beach swim the circle wants 30 yuan, very violent Oh! Before had better going, oneself had been taken swim circle. Put a package more expensive also, take some of thing less, but still should take a few eat, what sell because of that is expensive. Have again even if had better not equestrian, that also can let what cover on you.

3, eat

To north a of Dai He serious content still includes to eat seafood, we are not exceptional also, the first day discharges archives greatly, it is Liu Zhuang the seafood on that time of street is big archives, after eating, breathe out greatly be duped. Wanted 3 vivid crab or mother, wanted shrimp of skin of two jins of vivid skins, spent more than 100 yuan, but what end comes up is disappointing, shrimp of that skin skin one saucer, a jin not certain enough. After crab opens a lid, that emperor child also be rare rare, without a bit fragrance. Look for a clerk to want to dipped in makings (want a bit vinegar and Jiang Mo actually) , taking a few soy only also is not flavour, , this meal so ended. Return hotel, ask to others, local says to be able to be anything but on that street eat, they do two months every year only, the thing is bad, deal is insufficient also, muddled person comes. We change after this have a fried dish, not bad can satiate.

4, shop

That night fair is very inviting, special to children, that sundry fittings, young toy, make a person dazzling, too many things to see, seeming is curiosa. But must bargain, they also are to have very big shake, if you not bargain, you can send them silver for nothing. Especially stone pond road, that commodity is full of beautiful things in eyes more, handicraft, seafood cans be found everywhere, because of me not know the business, dare not buy more, bought a few small jewelry to the child only, also be bargain wanting firm, their price has very large water share, because such, I dare be not bought more more, suspect oneself bargain ability. If be not being bought nevertheless, also meet some regret really, because really inviting.

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