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Autumnal north wears a river

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Had not thought, in day of harvest season in autumn go boreal Dai He plays. North going wearing a river in memory is midsummer season, blowing sea wind, disrobe child, play in seawater, fight noisely.
Cannot think of, autumnal north wears a river to still be worth to go really.
Did not have noisy crowd, did not have peddle annoyingly sound. Have silent of great capacity only, with a flock of silent people that see the sea.
How much foreigner changes a swimsuit, taking beach volleyball to be worn in the happy recreation on fine sand. Because take a picture,see and noisy the Chinese that rise, formed sharp contrast with the foreigner. As if the place that has a Chinese, it is lively place.
I, gently furl trouser legs. Taking a shoe single-handed, skill keep out is worn the sunshine of dazzling. Slowly walk into the sea.
Really cool, biting cool. Lower his head to looking attentively at seawater, clear see an end. Those who did not have summer is dirty, did not resemble summer in that way, on seawater the oil that float wears, mawkish.
Lie on beach, ren Yangguang's licentious have diarrhoea arrives on my face, kicking sand with the foot, slender feeling is passed in the heart.
I by slowly tired meaning is knockdown, family dependant has tender feeling for shut eye, feel the face is very hot, the eye also is, it is all over.
My pa and begin greatly and ask a price of a fisherman, it is to should go to sea so fished.
Go to sea for the first time, fish with flue for the first time.
Far looking at dove nest, people is like sesame seed bead on beach slowly mobile. Jolt is on the sea, the mood also thinks this smack is same perturbed. On the sea of vast, all very helpless, lean oneself power only, net, expecting to be able to piscine shrimp crab is gotten into the net, next hauling, excited mood.
Big bumper harvest! It is over there shrimp and crab climb, excited mood cannot character watch.
Night is seafood big eat, drink, eat the meat, sleep, snore.
North wears a river, not blatant, without the crowd, not broiling.
North wears a river, having quiet, having clear, having excitement.
Do not have local color one time, do not have a kind of amorous feelings, north wears a river, next year 11 good-bye.

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