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Long Ren plan expends account Wu general management system

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General management system of Wu of plan cost debt
1, systematic introduction
2, systematic software composition
Plan cost runs software: Wu of system of fee of word sheet solid chronometer, account processing system, owe cost to stop engine system;
Collect fees bit of software: Collect fees system;
Inquire software: Web of telephone bill inquiry, imprest gold inquiry, telephone number inquiry, telephone bill inquires;
Speech serves software: The system of 112 line management, 114 systems that examine number, 170 inquiry urge pay system.
3, systematic data flow chart (slightly)
4, the explanation of systematic flow chart explains
The collection of word sheet uploads to wait for means implementation through stringing together interface of mouth, net mouth, X.25. Can choose according to what using the real case of switching equipment now. Stop answer machine to use as single as transmission word component to produce buccal kind, can avoid the block of online instruction, raise the accuracy of the instruction greatly.
Processing system of word single pool undertakes sorting, collect, processing to collection data, to entire network the unit of switching equipment user of all sorts of model can classify collect, undertake closing account book to the user to much bureau.
Of unit of switching equipment user collect fees individually the dot passes network of the data inside the bureau to collect fees from the extraction in data server the word is single. Each battalion accepts in principle telephone bill of each unit of check and accept, plan cost center can be moved at any time see each battalion receive check and accept to expend a circumstance.
Unit of switching equipment user can be dialed " speech telephone bill inquires a center " assign number and code, enter system of the 170 inquiry that urge capture to inquire stand-alone or unit that month telephone bill. Urge what pay system nods according to each collecting fees to collect fees circumstance, undertake urging fee to handing in charge door inside formulary time.
Owe cost to stop engine system basis to collect fees individually circumstance of cost of check and accept reachs the result that urge capture, stop machine processing to owing charge door to carry out. If the user is in,stop machine hind to pay fee, the system can have answer opportunity to the user instantly.
114 telephone number inquire the system is to build the manual telephone number on system of service of manual telephone speech to inquire a system.
112 it is the phone of special railway line of service of installation of post and telecommunications that establish, use at the user to declare phone breakdown and circumstance of communication equipment breakdown.
5, plan cost and system of account Wu pool
Systematic characteristic
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