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"The county of dragon of countryside " Lu of Chinese sweet potato: Name the countryside of Chinese sweet potato 1996. Sweet potato industry already became this county to establish the dominant industry that the county enrichs the people. Was judged to be Heibei to save 1997 " development characteristic industry is advanced county " . Was headed to approve agricultural industrialization to build demonstrative county certainly by government of provincial Party committee, province 1998, be labelled save one of projects of 22 keys industrialization completely. Cultivated an area to amount to 340 thousand mus 2002, occupy above of half of area of entire county farmland, always produce 625 million kilograms. Entire county sweet potato processes a business 49, process capability 100 thousand tons. "Surprise " card potato products obtains special honour repeatedly, be judged 6 times to be continuously " Heibei saves high grade produce " , was judged to be 1999 " product of famous brand of tradition of exposition of agriculture of 99 Beijing international " . This county potato kind goods infiltrates 20 many provinces areas of countrywide export the nation such as Korea, United States, Canada, product market is had rate is constant increase. 40 % left and right sides comes from net income of average per capita of this county farmer sweet potato industry.

The county of countryside " Chang Li of vegetable of Heibei of the countryside of Chinese grape, countryside of Chinese brew grape, countryside of Chinese Gan Gong bishop, " : Chang Li is the whole nation is famed " the countryside of the grape " , viticultural history already had more than 400 years. Show 100 thousand mus to already formed the grape that is a center with countryside of 10 lis of shops to produce base, produce per year a grape 200 thousand tons, year income is close 400 million yuan. Advocate grow breed to be a rose sweet, Ju Feng, longan, red carry. Prosperous goosefoot grape with its the exterior is gorgeous, quality is good and be judged to be fruit of characteristic of actor of name of ministry, province, city for many times, each district of popular whole nation, Russia and southeast Asia area. Chang Li grape was registered in national industrial and commercial bureau 2000 " card of stone tablet stone " brand. In last few years, industry of grape of prosperous goosefoot brew is swift and violent develop, become China's biggest bishop raw material to produce base and base of production of dry red wine, was named to be by the country 1999 " the countryside of Chinese brew grape " , " the countryside of Chinese dry claret " , " city of Chinese dry claret " . 2002, grape of this county wine cultivates an area to already amounted to 36 thousand mus, produce per year wine grape thirty thousand two hundred tons, year process capability 80 thousand tons. Prosperous goosefoot county has vegetable to grow an area 350 thousand mus, do not have area of vegetable of social effects of pollution among them 127 thousand mus. Entire county vegetable produces per year quantity stability to be in 1.2 million tons over, present in successive years to increase by degrees posture. Registered trademark of 6 vegetable brand, emerge in large numbers a batch of well-known trademarks such as cauliflower of cucumber of drought of Ma Fang battalion, Liu Lizhuang.
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