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The local speciality of boreal Dai He is tasted

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North wears a river to be close to Bohai Sea bay, special local product gives priority to with sea product: Crab, dried scallop, the testacean breed such as blood clam of sea locust fish, mullet, inkfish, hairtail, squid, conch, wool is various, the elite of product of choice seafood of bay of collect Bohai Sea. Handicraft includes all sorts of pearl to act the role of article: Door curtain, necklace, pearl is hanged etc. Still a kind of local uses smooth spiral shell (a kind of snail of marine glow) the decoration that treatment makes, it is local special local product and the union of the manual art that make. Additional, have the small foreign pear that a kind of place produces, small without the nucleus, mouthfeel crisp, sweet and not be bored with, it is the distinctive breed in local feral fruiter

Crab: It is a seaside main sea product. Sort is more, it is beautiful with swimming crab especially, its characteristic is body bigger, body look is flat long, for shallow cyan. Place call his again " sea crab " . Spring, mother crab is fatter; Autumn, especially deep autumn, big flesh of sea crab body is fat, can amount to left and right sides of one a unit of weight again most. The protein content of sea crab is high, it is old little all the gust beautiful of appropriate is tasted. Its treatment and edible method are varied, normally the circumstance falls, use its clear water steam ripe, can edible. Ripe crab is unfavorable deposit for long; With a day advisable, if again edible, need to heat up evaporate only, again slightly render palatable of powder of vinegar, garlic, ginger end, daintier. Since north wears river travel to open, taste the tourist of China and foreign countries of the crab that feed the sea, already formed series pedigree: Lampblack crab piece, complete crab of lid of the crab that bake, Bohai Sea, steamed sea crab

Holothurian:  of Zheng of  of Shou  ざ casts 5 dusk of  of  of Ai Ju Bo 2 ask N of lofty of brighting Gua beach night to  basks in dusk of ┦ balance Mei 2 Wo?0 a variety of, thorn ginseng is top grade, and the thorn ginseng of boreal Dai He savours You Jia. Holothurian body is close cylindrical, two Duan Dun circles, n evenness and the canal is sufficient concentrated, the reverse side has dash forward spine, the much black that it is ash or cinnamon, into ginseng body length 20, 40 centimeters. North wears a river coastal cay is numerous, algal and dense, sea floor is humic and drossy rich, because what this produces holothurian and individual hypertrophy, dash forward spine is bulky, fleshy qualitative fleshy, fresh and tender and goluptious. Holothurian flavour is delicious, feed and not be bored with, it is one of 8 precious in the sea, come hundreds years, it is the curiosa on banquet all the time. Holothurian nutrition value is very high, protein, saccharide is rich, do not contain cholesterol, the nourishing beautiful that is ideal is tasted.

Prawn: Be jealous of of shellfish Jie friendly an ancient type of spoon embeds charm to bang Ge of  of  of some ∷ of ⒌ of mow of ⑵ of Peng of caution of в lofty ⒎ manages smile instrument manganese takes off? of class of  of Ling of D of  of  Cheng Qiong at blanket of basket Song Mou Du more than 10000 tons. Fresh the line in prawn body lubricious blueness greens jade, exquisitely carved. Ripe hind the orange that open system is red, be like coral carve, the scenery of view is gorgeous pleasing to the eye, those who feed is delicious and unusual,

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