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Look for Oriental Boerduo

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Chang Li, a small town, 1/4 what bishop crop holds countrywide total output, its peculiar glamour can and French wave Er are rivalled more

County of goosefoot of prosperous of city of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty is located in Heibei province, gross area 1212.4 square kilometer, farmland 940 thousand mus, total population 548 thousand, population of course of study of its middle peasant occupies 80 % . The agricultural strong county that prosperous goosefoot county is Heibei province not only and Heibei save one of first enlarge authority counties, and also be the whole nation first open to the outside world littoral county.

Prosperous goosefoot county east face the Bohai Sea, north depends on Yan Shan, southwest nip name of a river in northern china, climate and edaphic condition are particularly appropriate grapy grows, 400 help advance somebody's career for years grapy history, produces grape odour delicious, mouthfeel is sweet embellish, get of people love. Go up century 70 time, the grape new breed that introduced the brew such as Long Zhu of Chi Xiazhu, snake, Pin Lizhu to use again, 1979 development, development goes the first bottle of Gan Gong wine of Chinese, fill the blank of Chinese dry claret.

In recent years, development of estate of prosperous goosefoot wine is swift and violent, emerge in large numbers gave king of Great Wall of an ancient name for China, ground, jump over chiliad to wait for company of 30 bishop brewing, dry claret scale of production expands ceaselessly, 1/4 what bishop crop holds countrywide total output, be known as " city of Chinese dry claret " and " Oriental Boerduo " .

Multitude in prosperous nowadays, not only and numerous farmer is blended in " chain of dry red industry " , still have be engaged in the antenatal, intermediate segment that produces service of medium, postpartum technology, news, more technology, equipment promotes the numerous business that archives upgrades ceaselessly, real already ground develops a resource of a base oneself upon, way that complies with the market, innovation to develop wine industry group. Entire county the administrative village of 70 % , 8000 farmer are cultivated brew grape, advocate grow breed to be always of Chi Xiazhu, Pin Lizhu, Mei Lu, longan, Xia Duoli. The farmer gains profit every year from which count roughly 50 million yuan. Current, entire county already built county, countryside, village 3 class technology serves a network, be engaged in brew the technical personnel of viticultural technology research and promotion has 171, in be being had among them 51 of advanced title. In bishop brew respect, national level judges wine committee member 11, in personnel of advanced title technology more than 40. 2001, the bishop institute of only of Chang Li and Asia -- institute of bishop of university of northwest aricultural science and technology built close cooperation to concern, began fruitful collaboration.

By " Chang Li grape " to " prosperous Li Gangong " jump litre

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