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Month by month of seafood of season of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty is c

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Islander of emperor of the Qin Dynasty although unlike Shanghai, Beijing is having long culture and rich dietary habit to eating in that way, but islander of emperor of the Qin Dynasty is had deep love for to what eat however a bit is assuming color and those Beijing Shanghai people. Food does not consider all sorts of special local product of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty too much, but seafood product still is very rich, after all we am Qin Huang " island " ! So, the seafood season that says island of emperor of our the Qin Dynasty first.

The cold water that what appear the earliest first will be March board, it is the sort of compressed fish, appearance is unusual, having the characteristic of deep-sea fish. Buy on 23 jins to answer a small fire to be stewed, come out even if float sweet delicate.

Catch be islander of emperor of the Qin Dynasty to love most -- leather skin shrimp, formal name calls mantic shrimp. Flavour is delicious, again ordinary common people can bear price completely to rise, so wide get citizen reception. Every time leather skin shrimp appears on the market, can sell very quickly, can be the area seafood of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty.

The octopus that will be May next, this kind of thing is soft soft slip, tasting is fresh and tender however, fry together with leek, entrance easy slips, god-given delicate.

Still have the yellow croaker June, this is the thing that islander of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty had a few years, need not say more.

Appear on the market at the same time still have conch, prawn good east.

Arrived in July in August, arrived flavour is the most delicious at the same time price also is the most expensive Qin Huang in a few kinds of seafood crab of sea of insular special local product. The flavour of sea crab need not say more, has had friend understands its glamour is in, let a person cannot be defied. Although sea crab is expensive, but every arrive appear on the market seasonal, also meet very fast oversell, after all people is the appeal that cannot defy it. Calculating is to do only two come back, steam, frying sweet hot crab is excellent delicate.

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