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Zhu Qiqian develops construction north to wear a river

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1916, by the government labels one of imperialistic chief culprits at that time and wear river seaside by the person of order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large, he is attracted by the elegant and geomantic place that north wears river seaside, determination should build villa here in order to spend throughout the year. Never think north wears river seaside to come as a result of his, the history produced change, the Chinese behaved a bit to rude to run ability at the foreigner's construction here, north wears river seaside to also be in of he and colleagues manage next becoming East Asia first is famous at that time summer resort.

He is element with " dovish and spell able, thing goes if really surely " celebrated Zhu Qiqian. Violet river of Guizhou of Zhu Qiqian ancestral home (today Guizhou opens in relief county) , name of word laurel laborious, chart opens fishing line, old age fastens arrange Huo fair. Was born at Henan to believe this world 1871, childhood namely funeral father, as a child live away from home is in Hunan Changsha grandfather. The Qu Hong 禨 that uncle of the therewith when 19 years old holds the position of Qing Chaoda bachelor and military plan chancellery later namely enters Sichuan, qu Ren Sichuan learns at that time politics, in allow to went up to contribute a government office to experience for Zhu Qiqian. After Qu Hong 禨 holds the post of Man Lichuan, this small post and rank that Zhu Qiqian comes to with contributing, stayed in Sichuan to begin official career career. After the Reform Movement of 1898, chinese society produced the storm and stress, qu Hong 禨 is close reform partisans, because sufferred kind happiness mother of an emperor this later,wait for a person remove from office with. Zhu Qiqian also gets in those days the influence of reform thought, became him later somewhat factitive thought foundation.

After lose power and influence of Qu Hong 禨, zhu Qiqian with its spell able the recommend and is Qu political opponent with friend Xu Shichang put sb in a very important position of Yuan Shikai institute, down to should cross the 5 traffic overall length of government of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning later, overall length of 3 internal affairs and allow acting state prime minister, he also " person the person that it is a bosom friend is dead " , do one's utmost restoration of a dethroned monarch of support Yuan Shikai is imperialistic, take up the post of grand ceremony of ascend the throng to prepare department section chief one duty, it is scene very it is moist very, this also is the reason that he becomes target of order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large and is denounced all one's life.

Come in Zhu Qiqian before north wears a river, north wears river the eastpart part be lived for foreign missionary more, mid meeting place occupies a mountain that it is stone have, and western namely hill of seedpod of the lotus is taken, because ever was heart barback dish, it is German house place more so. After the the First World War erupts, german because be belligerent colony and repatriate, they " make work in succession house and go " , then Chinese VIPs people, contend for will to north wear river seaside, take in hill of seedpod of the lotus mostly buy a building to build house, recuperate with be away for the summer holidays fully with. These people at first be busy enough with one's own affairs, more incapable work. Appear limp before the foreigner that uses religious force to form a gang, dim and blank. Those missionary reach the Chinese consider beneath one's notice that posted foreigner often also is here to living, hit the contempt in heart.

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