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Island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty of knot of Zhang Xueliang predestined relat

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On Chinese contemporary history, the name of Zhang Xueliang's general has legend color quite, the destiny free and easy of his lifetime rises and fall, the old age with like a rising wind and scudding clouds is close together and relevant, his advanced age with 100 years old, witnessed the history of dispute of hundred years chaos caused by war, queasy development.

Well-known, the history that the northeast Yi Zhi 1929 and the Xi'an Incident 1936 make Zhang Xueliang's general is in China left graven print on arena. Actually, the destiny of this legend character also island of Ceng Yuqin emperor be closely bound up. 1924 during giving big fight continuously, zhang Xueliang's general ever led main force team and lineal warlord to be in hill custom decisive battle, and the story that he crosses north to wear a river 3 times before one's death more a paragraph of a much-told story that makes history of Qin Huang island go up. In island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty this paragraph in days year old, zhang Xueliang's general was spent is the most unforgettable years almost in lifetime, arrive from military affairs, politics affection history, work of this paragraph of years involves his one life use, close lock gives birth to movement power firstly, stayed in the general's lifetime always difficult the ray that efface.

Zhang Xueliang comes for the first time island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty is the summer 1924. Give big fight continuously for the first time at that time, end in order to give the disastrous defeat of department warlord Zhang Zunlin, give big fight 2 times continuously extremely urgent. For augment armament, zhang Xueliang of 23 years old serves as northeast aviation place to always do, aeronautics officer president, beautiful heavy gold bought aeroboat from France, after the plane transfers harbor of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty by ship, carry past north wears test-fly of airport of hill of river bare earth namely.

Be in the China 1924, aeroboat is newly emerging things. Spring of this year, zhang Xueliang invites v/arc drillmaster from abroad, purchase of all kinds aircraft 120, form northeast army air force, hold the post of air force commander-in-chief oneself, learn plane road-sense personally, aspire should let actual strength of northeast army air force become countrywide hat.

This Zhang Xueliang comes all right test-fly of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty, hold this end. The river is worn in north, north allows to wear river seaside commonweal when he was visited above all the Zhu Qiqian of conference chairman, zhu Qiqian also is good friend of friendship spanning for generations. Zhang Xueliang invites Zhu Qiqian's family enthusiasticly to watch a flight to perform to the seaside, zhu Qiqian is headed for willingly.

Shamrock sea greens jade, zhang Xueliang came interest. He takes what person of Home Zhu Yi gets him below machine, invite the machine on them to do empty middle reaches to see. Zhu Lvjun accepted 4 daughters of Zhu Qiqian bravely to invite entered a plane, north of young son Zhu Hai also not give the impression of weakness, just wanted to ascend battleplan, be pulled by its mother however. Bright red the old lady is afraid that the son has an accident, do not let him risk this danger. In boom, the plane sails a runway, if the cloud is worn to enter a day like swallow, bring so that surround the person of view an applause.

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