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Deng Xiaoping wears a river in north

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North wore a river to witness the past event that this old person of respect getting a person and surfy sea strike courageously. What Deng Xiaoping ever had lived is medium the fish with a hook and line of tower of green jade snail that straight sanatorium crosses with go angling is in, appropriate maintains former appearance and repair to strike with the sea anew

From " Culture Revolution " hind reappear the last go into business swam 1992, deng Xiaoping is almost annual the summer can wear a river to have a good swim to north the sea, handle the busy work of attend to numerous affairs everyday. North wore a river to witness the past event that this old person of respect getting a person and surfy sea strike courageously.

, deng Xiaoping wears a river to undertake natant exercising half many months in north, every sky midday at 10 o'clock, he is punctual to the seaside, after doing some of simple warming-up, go into business has a good swim. Have a good swim 90 minutes, swim Cheng many meters 1000. Sometimes storm is great, billow of wrestle of arm of his act vigorously, still ad cool-headed. At ordinary times he is free to go natatorium place undertakes natant taking exercise. When many years old 80, still can have a good swim in the sea a hour.

The memory when granddaughter Mian Mian of Deng Xiaoping is accepting media to interview says: "The grandfather likes the sea particularly, he swims to also swim inside the sea only, do not go swimming-pool, he feels the sea is open. We go every year north wears a river, no matter have how old wave, issue how old rain, water is warm have many low, the grandfather goes down certainly, and permit nowadays water everyday, punctual to disembark. Punctual to disembark..

The summer 1992, 88 years old of senile Deng Xiaoping, will to north wear a river as usual. His altogether go into business swam 8 times, every time about 45 minutes. This is him in lifetime swim in the sea finally.

And artistic creation of the artist more the complex that lets Deng Xiaoping and sea got raising of things to a higher level. Beijing of famous artist Wang Xi is publishing traditional Chinese painting " Chun Chao " when ever said: "Comrade Xiaoping and sea are having the reason that indissoluble, he loves the sea greatly, no matter adversity is suitable condition, he likes to wear a river to listen to Hai Guanchao in north. The picture is medium the background that Jing billows takes a bank, the detached bearing that front courtyard of idle of be better than strolls, can show his uncommon experience and Wei bank spirit most. Can show his uncommon experience and Wei bank spirit most..

"Xia Dou " decision-making

North wears a river to have China " Xia Dou " say, although routine of river summer office wears north to be broken thoroughly in the center of 2003, but north wears a river the historical status in Chinese politics still cannot efface, because found a state hind, of the Central Committee of Communist Party of China a lot of great and decision-making make here. 1958, mao Zedong wears a river to had been made in north " bombard golden gate " decision-making, of the same age " big steel-making iron " and " do people commune greatly " decision-making also be to come on stage from here.

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