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The fokelore of Meng Jiang daughter

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Time of government of the Qin Dynasty, have the woman of a kind-hearted beauty, be called Meng Jiang daughter. A day, she is doing chore in the courtyard of oneself, abrupt discovery hid a person below grape trellis, frightened her to jump greatly, wanting to cry, see then the individual places a hand again and again only, entreat: "Do not cry, save save me! I call Fan Xiliang, it is to come of flee from a calamity. "So at this moment Qin Shi emperor to build the impregnable bulwark, catching a person to become a worker everywhere, already starved to death, tired died not to tell how many person! Meng Jiang daughter saved Fan Xiliang come down, see he is learned and courteous, have delicate features, produced the feeling of love to him, and Fan Xiliang also liked to go up Meng Jiang daughter. They have mutual affinity, after asking for those who got father and mother to agree, with respect to preparation the knot is husband and wife.
Get married that day, home of the first month decorate with lanterns and streamers, hall of guest full house, send beaming scene. Soon the day is fast black, the person that drinks wedding feast also came loose gradually, bridegroom bride is entering bridal chamber, hear gallinaceous flying dog cries only suddenly, rush into subsequently come the officers and soldiers with ferocious covey, high-handed, lock up with iron chain, catch Fan Xiliang forcedly to the Great Wall to go charge for the making of sth. . The happy event of when everything is all right became all in vain, female indignation of ginger of the first month accompanies each other, missing the husband day and night. She thinks: I sit in the home to be anxious but unable to do anything with its, still look for him as oneself to the Great Wall. Yes! so do! Meng Jiang daughter is cleared away immediately clear away luggage, start off.
All the way, also did not know to experience snow of rain of how many hardships of a journey or of one's life, had waded evil water of hill of how many danger, meng Jiang daughter had not called suffering, had not dropped a tear, eventually, with tenacious perseverance, with deep to the husband love, she arrived at the Great Wall. At this moment the Great Wall has been by each building site comprises a very grow very long city wall, meng Jiang daughter ground of a building site seeks a building site, do not see marital sign from beginning to end however. Finally, she heartens, wanting the laborer inquiry of go to work to covey: "Is there a Fan Xiliang here? "The laborer says: "Have so individual, newcome. "Meng Jiang daughter listens, not Titus is happy! She asks again at once: "Where is he? "The laborer says: "Had died, cadaver capital had filled city base! Cadaver capital had filled city base!!
Hear this sad news of the death suddenly, true seem a thunder from the clear sky is general, meng Jiang daughter becomes aware only at the moment one black, a feel sad, cry greatly. Cried 3 days full 3 night, cry dark all round, ground of reaching the sky was touched. The day is more and more overcast, wind is more and more violent, listen to " only " , city of one end length is cried, what dew comes out is cadaver head of Fan Xiliang, the eye tear of Meng Jiang daughter was in on his badly mutilated face. She saw her beloved man eventually, but he also cannot see her again however, had been absent because of him terrestrial ~
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