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Tang Taizong is fabulous

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Tang Taizong Li Shimin is the prominent politician on the history and militarist. Young period assist a ruler in governing a country his father plum deep, crush a large number of heroes to unite China, build big Tang Wangchao. Old age asks for Gao Li in person again, by way of stone tablet stone, pass island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty, wrote down " Chun Riwang sea " a poem with five characters to a line. This poem in all 20, namely: "Wrap around the sea of look into the distance from a high place of front of a garment, play Chun Fang by Shi. Accumulate the earth's axis drifting a horizontal stroke, distant style brings Tian Huang. Celestial being gas coagulates 3 mountain, zephyr fan 8 barren. Cloth of cloud pointing to tide is lubricious, easy of the day that wear billow is smooth. The flower that take a bank divides colour, the wild goose that confuse the cloud is broken row. The movement that conceive low is late wide, hold Man Shouling to grow. Corporeal blame is measured easily, passive hards iron can measure. Riptide classics becomes wild, emerald green island goes out repeatedly mulberry. Zhi Fu Sai Handi, stone tablet stone thinks Qin Huang, neon skirt is not original idea, upright arch and graph king. " this poem a matching of both sound and sense in two lines carefully and nearly, swing harmony, be inspired by what one sees is lyric, see content character sign, accord with poetry characteristic of Tang Taizong, send via the world on one hand namely with, there is no lack of again on one hand aesthetic feeling. Just last " upright arch and graph king " your person is incomprehensible. Of Gao Li of Tang Taizong Dong Zheng is in the Christian era 648 years, namely chastity watchs 22 years, this that is to say his accession already more than 20 years, this nonexistent " graph king " the issue that becomes an emperor, it is thus clear that this word has its more profound meaning, that is to say his upright arch and the Wang Zi of graph king is not to want to become an emperor only, want those who esteem to do his utmost to push when place of school of a Confucianist however " travel kingcraft, Shi Renzheng " good emperor.

Such Tang Taizong wanting, and also truly earnestly practise what one advocates is made so. The thought foundation of heteronomy reason state is the kingcraft of Confucianist tradition thought, view with heart take a person, make through Shang Xian can, husband makes rich civilian wait for political measure, strive for people support. He ever said again and again: "For Jun Zhidao, must have common people first. " say to 100 officials when succession: "Person gentleman must come fair altruistic, ability takes the heart of the world person. I and you everyday back and belly, it is obtain from inside the people. The official position that establishs so, must handle affairs for the people, should choose virtuous gift, what cannot press a concern is close scanty, of the qualification new old, will decide the size of official position. " when he ever discussed issue of choose and employ persons with Wei Zheng, say: "For thing choose official, cannot gruff. With one good person, other good person came. With one hellion, other bad person can come in accordingly. " Wei Zheng says: "This is right, the world is uncertain, the ability of main choose and employ persons, consider do not get a mitzvah. The world already was decided, that must the talent of have both ability and moral integrity is usable. " watch in one day in chastity consequently, the mitzvah is the main consideration when choose and employ persons. Ask not only liege such, it is the emperor drives liege, also want to be a principle with sincere letter, do not dally with political trickery. He says again and again: "Running water clear chaotic, in its source also. Gentleman person politics source, you Shui of person be the concubine, gentleman is cheat oneself, desire liege straight travel, be still source chaotic and Wang Shuiqing, libukede. " say again: "I are about to make big letter goes at the world, do not be about to with cheat example common. " this is the Confucianist the path of faithful letter is applied in the model on Jun Chen relation. Tang Taizong presses the principle of have both ability and moral integrity namely, the choose talent of not stick to one pattern of know one's subordinates well enough to assign them jobs commensurate with their abilities. Reorganization above all after his succession team of prime minister in feudal China, lodge for the night the in-laws that stays when great-great-grandfather old, pedantry and conservative members of a squad-a small body of people working together, a year wash out almost to use up almost. He hold counterpoise 23 years, personally choose 23 prime minister in feudal China, among them one's previous experience closes Gansu of world a group of things with common features, also have Shandong of one's previous experience big a group of things with common features, return some one's previous experience of common landlord, among them some ever was his political opponent in the past, if the Kingdom of Wei asks for the recreation official that is prince building formerly, ever urge building gets rid of at an early date Li Shimin. Too Zongai weighs a talent, forgive and forget, unplug again and again promote, to prime minister in feudal China, behaved the politician's Rong Caizhi to measure. These people have rich experience in big convulsion of end of the Sui Dynasty, extremely deep to the impression of farmer uprise storm, for Guan Yiguo the thing is care, diligent is begged treat, much can speak bluntly dare remonstrate with, constantly in order to die Sui Zhijian is dissuasive too ancestor, because this chastity is watched year I restrain a gentleman each other, dare not weigh collect common people, arouse one's all efforts to make the country prosperous of fluctuation of one mind. He returns special attention to be mixed to the choose of local official study a subject. He says: "Raise for me civilian, be in only feudal provincial or prefectural governor of superintend and director. " each district superintend and director, the full name of feudal provincial or prefectural governor is written on screen, sit lie constant looks, the kind that marks them at any time politics with evil doing, with equipment rewards and punishments. He is more perfect later imperial examinations is made, give each estate the intellectual widely quite with political outlet. Person of outstanding ability of collect the world, enlarged social base of Tang Zhengquan thereby.
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