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The fokelore of hill custom... ...

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Hill custom, lofty lofty, people cries it " the world the first close " .
It south recumbent sea, northern part is next to hill, north and south 8 kilometers, the sea, close, hill, arm endure arm, the shoulder relies on a shoulder. Its close a city to have both wings, it is city of Na Yi city, the one ala that it is north; Still have Dong Luocheng, on the west Luo Cheng, Ning Hailou, power remote town. There is herd camp on the city, face a tower over a city gate such as light of gate, Kui, settleclear sea, have a lot of an embrasured watchtower over a city gate additionally. The ancients says it " be like Jin Feng volant, just be like tiger crouch dragon dish " .

So, who is this city repair?

It is allegedly more than 600 years ago, zhu Yuanzhang became emperor of big Ming Dynasty, he fell to tasty together, xu of group supreme commander is amounted to and counsellor Liu Baiwen crosses the fortify of ground encircle a city of a place of strategic importance with north to the capital, two years in, must finish.

Xu Da, liu Baiwen's 2 people understood purpose, taking forces, this day leave, arrived very quickly frontier fortress. The following day, equestrian uprise small house looks at two people, search the place of fortification. Want to tell fortification, xu Da is dilettante, he can be at war only go on an expedition, charge forward; Fortify of encircle a city, be inferior to Liu Baiwen however. Astronomy knows on Liu Baiwen, geography knows below, science is big. Xu Da station is pinnacled look, say repeatedly: "Good place, warlike field! " Liu Baiwen however not say a word.

The 3rd day, he 2 people are equestrian come here again, xu Da says repeatedly again: "Good place, god-given good place! " Liu Baiwen still is not hum. The 4th day, he 2 people are equestrian come to here again, xu Da says again and again again: "Warlike field, warlike field! " Liu Baiwen or not hum. Xu Da sees shape indissoluble, busy ask: "Counsellor, I 2 people get elder brother to come fortify of this encircle a city, in succession 3 days, you are silent as the grave, after all why? " " for big bright country! Still for you... " " for me? This word how say? " Liu Baiwen pointed to ahead to say with horsewhip: "Marshal, you look: Hill of northern part swallow is continuous, south Bohai Sea all over the sky, build an impregnable pass here, one husband should close true it may be said, 10 thousand husbands not leave! " strategy of Xu Da Suzhi counsellor is expensive, ask: "Do you want to repair what kind of? " Liu Baiwen says: "This city should want gist than the city of other place tall, want a city to cover even city, wall city, building to be opposite watchtower of building, building, build wall of gold of an iron wall. " Liu Baiwen uses horsewhip day again all around point to, say: "Marshal, here since warlike field, it is a fine house part. You look, here land is fecund, climate is friendly, really settle down resident good place ah! " Xu Da listens suddenly be enlightened, remember counsellor says " still for you " if. Xu Da applauds again and again, answer battalion that day, draw of 2 people the same night, send the following day will send toward the capital. The imperial court allows present a memorial to an emperor, begin construction immediately. Did 8 months one year full, close city complete.

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