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Goodbye, beautiful north wears a river

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North wears the sea of the river, extensive and not drab. Be located in north to wear the dove nest of horn of river seaside northeast, because layer ruptures,formed the more than meters 20 cliff that overlook the lake, if insert the sea with a Li Jianzhi.

Hearing billows voice, bringing laughter, the countrywide model worker that wearing a river to recuperate in north will come to dove nest on August 10, multiply You Lun scene of the full Dai He that see north. Countrywide model worker, Qinghai changes grand county to hide the Guo Jian arrange of the hospital to ascend upriver annulus. He says " I want to read the ocean all the time, but never had looked before, " he stands to bow to crying towards the bank, jumping, exert all one's strength brandish both hands...

The model worker of nearly 800 whole nations that comes from 31 provinces, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government and whole nation " 51 " labor medallist is visited at will entering Beijing to look around on August 4, 7 days arrive at north to wear a river and recuperate in this a week. Recreational activity of this model worker, it is new China since holding water, each respect represents a person the most comprehensive, number is maximum. Our familiar Bao Qifan, Xu Hu included in model worker, yu Li of violin performance home is taken etc.

"Model worker adores when I am young, did not think of oneself also are become today among them. " 1988 51 labor medallists of countrywide, the Chen Huaxiang that 5 bureaus build in coming from Hunan says proudly: "Labor glory of great, labor, labor creates good life. And those who create this one good life is our model worker not just, it is all and broad laborer more. "

"If say labor is a poem, you are China's proudest poet, clinking halo; If say labor is a drawing, you are China's greatest artist, clever pen gives birth to a flower... " on August 7, the Song of Shi Lang of a dub in background music in show of palace of culture of boreal Dai He's working people expressing sympathy and solicitude for, deep feeling expressed the people respect to model worker.

"The country gives me the honor of model worker, those Tibetian brethrens that also are me give me, although I already retired, if need, I still can carry medical box on the back to see a doctor for everybody. " the chapter of Nuo of Tibetian old person of infirmary of that administrative office says countrywide model worker, Tibet.

On August 8, just meet Beijing Olympic Games times one year, nuo chapter comes " the world the first close " hill custom, he and other model worker are being lifted " Beijing Olympic Games times one year " bright red banner, with the simplest and most the happiness that passionate means conveyed pair of Beijing Olympic Gameses wishs.

"Then in Tibetan north music becomes a doctor when I am young, come a few years, no matter hill is tall great distance, still be heavy snow seal a moutain pass, I did not stop from beginning to end farming the footstep that herdsman practise medicine sends medicine. Next year, our Beijing good-bye. " already Nuo chapter old person of 65 years old makes next agreement.

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