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North wears river autumn charm

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The autumn is a poem, the autumn is a picture, the autumn is a song. "Of 10 thousand beauty it is mid-autumn most " . When Bacchic and had gone ardently, the autumn that north wears a river begins flush to wear the flavour of after suffering comes happiness, that is one does not need any illuminatives free and easy with aloof and proud, leisurely and comfortable and quiet. North wears the autumn of the river to taking Xiaoxiang's idea, resemble the autumn of all beautiful places. Late wind is taking clear cool idea, seawater reverses a move surfy, setting sun twilight catchs scene to be flushed with drink red be like drunk, that is a kind of maturity is mixed dark, mix gravely high. The autumn that north wears a river is goodness, honest and kind, because she is a mother. Her be pregnant with matured each seed, it is mature that she is brought up each greenery, her meeting soak, permeate you the bottom of the heart goes out of cultivation each inches. Still be in casual a twitter that brings you chirp, in dusk fluted, in dissolve dissolve moonlight blast blast fragrance, mix that a continuously singing in fragrancing. Reservation temperates and refined the autumn that north wears a river, she is full all previous spring prosperous, summerly enthusiasm. Not angle is buckish with recognition, however silently, mix stealthily the sea, Jin Sha, Bai Yun, blue sky, supple murmur, take good care of yourself of each other path. So, people is in even more " one Xie La knows the world autumn " season of replace of the four seasons, loving the littoral autumn scenery with this quiet not seek fame and wealth, give this tender and amorous Qiu Zhiyun love pour into.

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