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To north Dai He will treat the lake in May

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In May, the element of soft beauty drifts in air.
North wears a river -- this makes famous littoral small town, easy spreads out come her summertime amorous feelings.
In this attractive season,
The icy flavour of sea wind, make what you feel the heart satisfied?
Right now sunshine, beautiful and breathed, refracting north to wear the expression of river graceful.

Yes, in the city of reinforced concrete
Particular north wears a river this halcyon sea
Lightsome and relaxed, broad great is wide.
Follow a gender you, free and easy you, or be romantic warmth you.
Probably it is casual already captive your heart.

Still remember that sea?
It is that sea of boreal Dai He
When thinking the sea, come over to look. . . . . .

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