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North wears river the four seasons: The fishing port of the winter of day Yuan S

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Wintry day, halcyon. The sea, emerge move.

Because suffer " Kuroshio " the influence of warm current, the sea all the year round that north wears a river does not freeze, even if 39 severe winter, also be merely written guarantee in the bank a snow-white Bao Bing. Although be cold,coagulate the winter of the earth, the sea that north wears a river still is vibrant picture. Writer Liu Xingye carries " glacial tide folds snow " in such depict arrive -- blue bark, fresh and juicy goes all out in work cleverly, rumble grand, resonant bright make a stand against, urge a person to rise, make a person intense. This perhaps is the verve of winter sea! Cruel is cold in, the dot chooses silvery white, clever light, float in seawater; every piece dazzling, wing that sheds follow in a continuous line, flow in the seaside. Backwash strikes rock, after the drip that spurt splashs declines caky. Wave is pushed driving Bao Bing to be in bank pile, very fast, briny rinse comes, for this grotesque snow glacial vulture model besmears went up a light, appear even more exquisitely carved. Right now, you can control arbitrarily imaginary art. . . . . . This, be perhaps the crystallization that the sea and severe cold go all out in work?

The storm that go up is greater, seawater is coiling borneol, glacial tide is pushing spoondrift, be like lion of snow of ten million head to step snow to howl, collect earthshaking loud cry, you bump into me, I embrace you, worry fistfight, skip in disorder frisk ground platoon is coastward. That flaps indefatigably, that clinging concussion, compare more violent, contain is worn a potential force

The sea in the winter, be pregnant with is worn insurgent Chun Chao. To the winter swimming in the sea, the dew of derive spring and stirred spirit.

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