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North wears river the four seasons: The autumnal seaside of Shan Fenghai charm

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When close deep autumn. "Tian Gaoyun is weak, look at Na Feiyan " . Wild goose is discharging orderly person handwriting formation model, singing the song that annual reduplicative migrates, by north Xiang Nafei goes. And right now north wears a river, when doing not have summer vacation time blatant with heavy traffic hot. But, she still is sending out fashionable autumn boundless glamour.

When close deep autumn. The ooze that the wind of early morning is that end is cool, relaxed in be mingled with is worn trifling saline taste and chill. It is puffing pine needle gives out a Zhen Ming to ring. Sky and sea one integrated mass, tian Lianhai is in the sea to seem a day, sea reaching the sky is in a day to be like the sea, bright azure blue. Ethereal white cloud waves, offshore extensive has the wave of silvery white; Spoondrift takes a bank, billows sound is ceaseless; Mew forages, paddle cries happily, interweave nature marvellous spectacle, assist of achieve nature hand in noisy, your person praises, your person is intoxicated, your person is obsessed with.

When close deep autumn. Hill of beautiful seedpod of the lotus, every piece red autumnal leaves is dressed up go out to enchanting especially, red green set off is dazzling all the more. The people with experienced morning is supporting mist, set foot on trail, walking is lightsome, you Ye is between hill. Old person healthy in old age, double arm is extended, small move footstep, hitting shadowboxing, be like natural and smooth writing; Too extremely the sword is waved, be like the dragon snake of tuck diveseethe, give a person beautiful enjoyment, gymnastical edificatory.

When close deep autumn. Park of tower of green jade snail still makes person strange. Ascend a tower far look: Boundless and indistinct sea all stops eye ground, unrestrained and far -ranging watchs sunrise, carouse beautiful wine listens billows sound, make popular feeling mine magical happy. The peninsula of this 3 annulus sea, the sea of boundless, peculiar reef, twitter that makes the same score soft beach, leisurely; The street lamp that lamp of tower outline lamp, reef of within the country, Lin Zhong decorates the lamp, lawn, if show neon lamp,be like concealed, hand in photograph reflect, very beautiful flowers. The satisfaction of fashionable feeling, psychology, make a person all one's life unforgettable.

When close deep autumn. The boreal Dai He on the world is red-blooded, be full of deep feeling. Come, friend! Let us share north to wear the autumn with colorful river.

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