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That one beautiful sea

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When I will to the north that long for day and night wear a river, already was dusk time.
Weather of the three ten-day periods of the hot season is worth when coming, the birthplace climate that is located in Changjiang Delta is burning hot, can arrive north wears a river, feel the cool desire that comes over ceaselessly however.
Boreal Dai He is only kilometer of more than 70 square is big, be equivalent to the area of two many Macao, its set off one another it is among tree of lush and green flowers and plants. Its beauty and mystery, your at all times and in all over the world how many person of ideals and integrity benevolence person is enchanted. From ancient up to now, the history that it is extending the Chinese nation all the time is long roll, the tide since tide falls, eroding the history is gigantic the footmark of people; Billows voice is powerful, the echo is worn the history is gigantic the walking of people in succession... through the ages emperor of one emperor Qin Shi, emperor of Han Wu of great talent and bold vision, generation bright advocate Tang Taizong, annals is in the Cao Mengde of a thousand li, left their footmark and poem here. Come thousands of years, outshine the rest all the time. Each its beach, resembling is the one page that the history scatters; Each seawater, had taken in and send out in large quantities historical Zhuang Ge and deep sigh. North wears a river is one of China's famed summer resort, 2008 is here match of focal point of share of Beijing Olympic Games undertakes one of city 巿 , will add the canto with one luxuriant page again for the history.
Swim north wears park of nest of dove of river first selection, on antique a covered corridor or walk quarter have elegant chromatic brushwork, the Ma Ying before corridor, Chinese redbud, Chinese wistaria, fresh and green leaf and bright red flower, reflect their beautiful image imprint on Shui Ting, the spirit that unreal gives deep and remote fawn on countless; Right now, on our arm with the bosom before, full also compose is green shade twill...
Far is the sea, there is mountain of stone tablet stone inside. There is a megalith on hill, like two lanneret fight. Here is the tourist attraction that watchs sunrise, although I miss the time that sees sunrise, see the stone tablet stone in longing however. Yao thinks past time, in those days the rout of retreat that Cao Cao beats Yuan carry on crosses here, wield one's writing brush write indelicacy to pass for all time " view the sea " : "Stone tablet stone is faced east, in order to watch the sea. Water why Dan Dan, hill island Song stands erect. Arboreous and fascicular, 100 careless luxuriant. Autumn wind is bleak, hong Bo upsurges. The travel of life, if go out among them. Xing Hancan is sodden, if give its in. Be much obliged come, song in order to chant annals. Song in order to chant annals..
In north Dai He watchs the sea to listen to tide to pick up Bei Zunshi, this is extend from beginning to end ancient changeless immortal theme. Is the far more than that the magnificent sight before hill of stone tablet stone touchs Cao Cao? 1954 summer, when great person Mao Zedong is visited here, uprise overlook, look at the sea with monstrous wave, the peak of poetic perfection of through the ages that recital gives win universal praise " billow cleans out Dai He of sanded · north " , "Heavy rain falls deep and remote swallow, bailang is monstrous, the boat fishs outside island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty. A boundless disappears, know to whose edge? The past jumps over chiliad, brandish of fierce of the Kingdom of Wei flogs, stone tablet stone is faced to have involuntary discharge of urine east piece. Bleak autumn wind is today, changed the world. " renown piece, more those who attracted common people to wear a river to north is infinite and yearning...  
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