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North wears river the four seasons: Amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds spring da

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The spring of northward seaside, always want to be patted partly than going up slow somewhere else. Early spring in March, if smoke is like mist,the pluvial silk when Changjiang Delta spring already was, when south already was fragrant grass blueness green pediment is brilliant, already should be spring breeze rain during springtime somewhere else fragrant humble is all over the sky, small town of the seaside still is the wintry day scene that a desolate kills however, do not see a green color. Day as before cold, the sea as before doleful humidity tide falls, only sunshine is in with each passing day beautiful rise, wind also is followed one of every day rise greatly, blow so that crotch forest tip toots toot makes sound, blow so that sea sail shadow does not have footprint, blow cropland more hollowness and distance, blow so that the pedestrian sends more wrap tightened garment unlined upper garment. . . . . .

Blowing blowing, casual, flit so that wind begins to become downy every day from double shoulder, sway to also do not know to be in one day that in the branch in wind withy rise, green meaning begins to climb full branch stealthily, all sorts of color also begin to blossom eagerly in wind. Yang Huafei, catkin waved, butterfly came, the bee went. The joyous sound that doleful beach is full of seabird laughs language, the wild goose that goes south blast alternating formation has returned a head to come again again. . . . . .

Vernal footstep eventually 1000 breathe out the fragrant trace that the 10 thousand Shan Shan that call out show it in north like that, "Fragrant humble will use up the world in April, hill temple peach blossom only then bloom " , the artistic conception that climate and other natural phenomena of a season is stepping on poetic word spring outspread to at the moment, spring still is after spring, see willow bank again, see day of green jade cloud again.

Draw near the couplet peak hill of the sea awakes in careless and lazy afternoon sunshine, face sea screen, knit the brows gently between small frown, already was wind sends a tip too, green Man Shanlan. Bird the singing of the bird in language forest more and more mild and indirect, the soughing of the wind in the pines is lying between hill to lying between the sea to begin twittering again at the lingering whisper of ocean wave corresponding, wild flower stretchs Song of Xing of of all kinds sleep the eye is in wind extend waist limb, mountain peak of emerald green add details to a painting of loose Bai Yicang, tender grass with road of hill of light yellow matting, and when that trail of spring outing is dodging to also do not agree again however leak in those days travel Tibet, green grass dimples blurred move is half-cocked in wind, shadow of fleeting time dream, a few degrees of fragrant grass are green, who to know to still flow to be in repeatedly when in vernal memory have dance lightly? Wind rose, pagoda tree flower is sweet all over the sky, the bee flies, butterfly dance, hill rises and fall, of face about kill that, red tile also makes the same score the Bai Qiang of the foot of a hill narrow acts under orders the ground is right look into the distance of the Yu Shanfeng in the brachial turn in the sea. Spring breeze rose, the appearance of hill broadens again the beauty of its chiliad.

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