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North wears river the four seasons: Romantic and attractive summer beach

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North wears river sea bathhouse one branch alone beautiful. It is sand no matter degree, bottom of beach of beach gradient, bathhouse, still be wind speed, current difference and frequency of coastal waters storm, ground swell frequency, accord with the requirement of standard bathhouse.

Come, the warmth that lets us enjoy the sea to give and placatory, have a good swim in the sea, go accepting the severe test of the sea. When Hai Pingru lens, one green jade 10 thousand just, in devoting into the sea at so gentle peaceful, let seawater hold float in the palm to wear, or backstroke, or breaststroke, or butterfly stroke. . . . . . Really " front courtyard of idle of be better than strolls " ! If catch up with flood, sit lie on beach waterline, the tidewater that lets rise ceaselessly is flapping the body, arouse a spoondrift of a whiteness. If touch,go up fresh gale billow, count the spoondrift with high rule, the shoreward Bian Chong of a platoon comes, lane is wet lift on billow is pointed, or replace peak cereal. Enter in act vigorously of the seeper in needle of peak cereal billow however, can exercise volition and physique, the force that allows a person to experience life and powerful. Before Bo Dakuan's wide sea, the person that won't swim also should play one time in shallow water, perhaps lie in swim on the circle, enjoy the fun of ocean wave to the top of one's bent.

Seawater roams, the interest is sought on the bank, enjoying Shayu and sunbathe, still can find more beauty probably. . . . . .

In the morning, tide flinch, barefoot beach, can think the results that be less than of purpose probably. Should be called " sea treasure " star of an affectionate couple of melon of cropland of Hai Juhua, sea, sea, sea star enters field of vision, bow one's head is picked up case, attentive play, what arise spontaneously between slam-bang is -- this sea calls a person infatuation really!

Beauty and abundant the sister that is twin. Rich marine biology is the gift of sea generosity. On reef, in the boat, on dock, put line fish with a hook and line, search reef to catch crab. Glad joyfullies between green hill emerald green color, jump Yu Bibo 10 thousand just during, heart and sea antonym, person and content are interlinked. This sea, door leaf of hold up popular feeling. . . . . .

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