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Gu Jinshi is conceived

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View the sea
[Chinese] Cao Cao

Stone tablet stone is faced east, in order to watch the sea.
Water why Dan Dan, hill island Song stands erect.
Arboreous and fascicular, 100 careless wind luxuriant.
Autumn wind is bleak, hong Bo upsurges.
The travel of life, if go out among them.
Xing Hancan is sodden, if give its in.
Be much obliged come, song in order to chant annals.
Look at the sea
[The Northern Qi Dynasty] Zu Ting

Uprise faces huge big pool, do not know ten million in.
Cloud island photograph is successional, agitation is not had extremely already.
Yuan Hong looks to spend when, see Jing gull rises suddenly.
Without wait for send will return, natural injury guest grants.
Look at the sea
[The Sui Dynasty] Yang An

Blue sea although glad gaze, golden stage sky has hear.
Be like,far water breaks up bank, yao hill is like the cloud.
Break billows still close in all, join billow or time.
Domesticate gull is old but be improperly familiar with, grass wood is sufficient for group.
Just know husband's younger sister to shoot, who answer language faces Fen.
Spring day watchs the sea
[The Tang Dynasty] Li Shimin

Wrap around the sea of look into the distance from a high place of front of a garment, play Chun Fang by Shi.
Accumulate the earth's axis drifting a horizontal stroke, distant style brings day zhuang1huang2.
Celestial being gas coagulates 3 mountain, zephyr fan 8 barren.
Cloth of stroke wet cloud is lubricious, easy of the day that wear billow is smooth.
The flower that take a bank divides colour, the wild goose that confuse the cloud is broken row.
The movement that conceive low is late wide, hold Man Shouling to grow.
Huai Fei is measured easily, passive Ju can be measured.
Riptide classics becomes wild, emerald green island goes out repeatedly mulberry.
Fu Sai Handi, stone tablet stone thinks Qin Huang.
Neon skirt is not original idea, upright arch and graph king.

The Qin Dynasty and emperor are made spring day watchs the sea
[The Tang Dynasty] Yang Shidao

Chun Shan faces the Bohai Sea, morning of the cease that draft force is installed.
The Lu Long that answer overlook fills in, respectful of inclined look up careful countryside.
Hong Bo answers the earth's axis, gu island mirrors Yun Guang.
Setting sun Jing billows go up, billow of surplus season be astonished is long.
Chi of concealed of celestial being stage is driven, bridge of soft-shelled turtle of flood of water government office.
Mist of face of stone tablet stone destroys, fu Gui Yanxiang.
Boreal make one's rounds is not Chinese hind, emperor of different the Qin Dynasty Is hope east.
Qian banner feather Lin Ke, postscript is apart from teenager field.
Dragon hits drive distant water, roc fly off belt square.
capture of the grave that lift blueness, install skirt of square white Neon.