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Dove nest park

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Dove nest park is located in north to wear river seaside east the cape of irruptive sea is in hill. Draw near inside the park sea cliff has the megalith that makes an appointment with 20 meters high together. Be like an eagle to be like falcon, " of hornstone of renown " eagle, the park gets a name from this. Accipitral hornstone cracks cracking freely, above house of Chang Youye columbine dwell, reason " of nest of renown " dove. On the Xi Ya top that comparing a shoulder with accipitral hornstone and stands, build the kiosk that one has full-bodied ethical distinguishing feature, " of booth of horn of renown " eagle. Stone column glazed tile, of primitive simplicity, easy, it is the Republic of China 26 years (1937) meeting " builds " commonweal. Receive accipitral horn booth, along southwest trend, it is a two end part by well balanced with open booth connective looks at sea a covered corridor or walk quadrilateral. Its modelling absorbed the characteristic that He Chengde of Beijing Summer Palace is away for the summer holidays elegance of mountain villa a covered corridor or walk experts, used on the design fully scene, borrow the method of scene, with the natural scene bring out the best in each other all round, one integrated mass. This a covered corridor or walk is 50 meters long, floor area 180 square metre. Accipitral horn booth is view the sea, treat the most pleasant stage of sunrise, according to concerning historical data account, emperor of Qin Shi emperor, Chinese fierce, Tang Taizong, Cao Cao ever watched Hai Shu situation here.

The place with most absorbing park watchs sunrise namely, the optimal drop that watchs sunrise is in thing of bare earth bayou of Xiang Shiying arteries and veins rupture greatly on the accipitral hornstone of the belt, when sunrise, all is quiet, water day is linked together, colour fluctuates; Red day is gushing one a very short time, red day of the underwater on water is conterminous, the instant jumps a surface, rays of morning or evening sunshine, sunshine asperses beach of full chain of mountains, be just as enclothe went up an aureate gauze act. Every arrive travel is seasonal, tourists come early to here, see maritime and boundless grand sunrise picture

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