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Horny hill Great Wall

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Be apart from north of custom of ancient city hill to make an appointment with 3 kilometers, fasten arteries and veins of Yan Shan beyond, it is the highest peak of protective screen of chain of mountains of north shutting a city, altitude 519 meters. Its peak is big flat-roofed, smooth wide can sit hundreds person, have megalithic Cuo high mountain, seem dragon head Dai Jiao, friend name. Horny hill tourist attraction, lotus of temple of hill of Great Wall of main and angular hill, enemy broadcasting station, horn, luck boosts day. Horny hill is Great Wall rises from old bibcock, jump over hill custom, the first mountain peak that spans north, so people call it " Great Wall again " of the first hill.

Horny hill Great Wall is built at the beginning of Ming Hongwu year, close from door of drought of foot of a hill big flat-roofed in all 1536 lengthen rice. The city wall is major use local materials, rubble build by laying bricks or stones is built, local the brick that it is a city and base of strip stone build by laying bricks or stones, the height of horny hill Great Wall and width, have characteristic of apparent the make use of condition that follow hill. Great Wall height is 7 ~ commonly here 10 meters, width is average 4 ~ 5 meters. Be in the place with hill abrupt situation, also have those who use cliff build by laying bricks or stones to build, but narrow to 2.7 meters wide. These walls paragraph, outside side is very arduous, be hard to attack; Inside very low, facilitate ascend a wall to fight. Strategic place of horny hill situation, horny hill Great Wall is arduous also and unusual, the Great Wall here, or low delay is winding, or enter Yun Tian continuously, yuan Wangru belt hangs chain of mountains, solid for grand. Ancient poetry cloud: "Use up danger shutting a city since ancient times, natural barrier strategic pass is in horny hill, the Great Wall hangs a height, look down at close a city to be before.   

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