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Park of couplet peak hill

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Park of couplet peak hill, call hill of seedpod of the lotus the park again. Be located in north to wear river seaside center to slant on the west, draw near sea thing rank 5 kilometers, have Dong Lianfeng hill, medium the cent of couplet peak hill, Xi Lianfeng hill. This hill wears the silvan park with the oldest river at building north 1919, pull in order to mountaineer get the better of, Lin Zhong explore is deep and remote for the characteristic, original landform landforms and vegetation are saved in good condition. There is the mountain peak that 3 pine forests cover inside garden, because compose of hill situation couplet is inherent of couplet peak say, long sight is like seedpod of the lotus again, also call hill of seedpod of the lotus. Highest peak altitude of Dong Lianfeng hill 153 meters, it is the commanding elevation of boreal Dai He. Uprise of tourist view scene is main to the south of couplet peak hill is given priority to. The summit builds hopeful sea booth, ascend booth overlook, north wears the beautiful scene of river seaside to all receive eye ground …… . Chain of mountains of couplet peak hill is pretty, forest clough is deep and remote, strange stone blames a hole, can be found everywhere. Various building is villatic, set off one another in the soughing of the wind in the pines, do not have interest, among them the famousest have ” of building of “ Lin Biao and ” of building of “ Zhang Xueliang's general. The Republic of China year the seaside has a so-called “ in 24 scene ” 20 place are here. In recent years, in in the highest peak in a mountain range of couplet peak mountain is zenithal discovered ” of stage of “ Han Wu, the veil with couplet peak mysterious hill is being opened stage by stage. Added bird of new project “ again inside garden 1998 language forest ” , all sorts of precious are rare avian 200 a variety of, more than 2000. To language of bird of couplet peak hill forest, can make you do not have the feeling that returns to natural, relaxed and happy one time. Area of scene of couplet peak hill, hill sea facies is mirrorred, flowers and trees is exuberant, quiet and tastefully laid out peaceful, if the poem is picturesque, gu Jin tourist has chant more, your person stays to forget to return repeatedly.

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