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The world the first close

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“ the world the first close ” namely custom of world-famous historical Gu Chengshan. Impregnable pass clutchs strategic pass closely, become China north to lead to northeast communications center. The ancients calls “ two Beijing key is incomparable the ground, great Wall the first close. ” truly also be worthy of. Here position is predominant, phasic strategic place, cultural relic is numerous, climate is delightful, sight is magnificent, it is the tourist attraction with yearning tourist.

Hill custom is known as “ the world the first close ” , it is go up from situation, for the first pass of start of Great Wall the eastpart part; Go up from geographical situation again, according to sea of hill front of a garment, impregnable pass locks up narrow pass, yi Shounan attacks tribute. The hill custom of start of Great Wall the eastpart part, since becoming bright Qing Dynasty especially the “ on the mordern history passes the delegate name of ” .

7.5 kilometers are apart from in photograph of high mountain sea between, north and south of Great Wall vertical be linked together, hill custom city clutchs mountain pass closely. And east mountain having high is a natural protective screen the Shi He on the west, become chasm of a natural fosse, form the strategic area of be worthy of the name thereby.  

Hill custom experience is long, culture multiplies. Far in period of new stone vessel, people labor already was here haunt the ground. Hill faces the Bohai Sea south custom, with distant east peninsula, Shandong peninsula lies between sea facies to look, from of old, the four seas is salty, “ sail amounts to ” easily. “ of thing road junction clutchs ” of its pharynx and larynx to rank key post. Period of age the Warring States forms the harbor of stone tablet stone that rise, for our country ancient time one of 5 big haven.

The world the first close be hill custom east the door, “ presses down the name east building ” . Its norms, according to " the county annals that face Yu " carry: “ east the door builds a building, tall 3 a unit of length, every 2, upper levels is high 5 a unit of length, lower level 6 a unit of length, of deep half and half. The world of day having the specified number the first close the forehead to show a book for Ming Xiaojian thing. ”

The world the first close a tower over a city gate, solid it is format of an embrasured watchtower over a city gate. Classics actual measurement: City desk is 12 meters tall, a tower over a city gate is 13 meters tall, the thing of the building is 10.1 meters wide, north and south is 19.7 meters long. The building divides a layer, ground floor is 5.7 meters tall, the 2nd 8 meters tall (include to kiss backbone) . Building of a tower over a city gate, to rest hill duouble-eaved roof supports on, top backbone double kiss is symmetrical, dismantle the timber structure that it is a brick, quadrilateral on upturned eaves, act the role of with configuration the backbone animal of each different, modelling is beautiful, lifelike. Inside and outside leaves on a tower over a city gate, in all the world of pensile “ of black word of 3 woodiness white ground the first pass ” a horizontal inscribed board: Inside the building one is former a horizontal inscribed board, for Qing Guangxu 5 years of Wang Zhiqing hook lake of copy swallow a place of strategic importance to be engraved again inside 2 buildings, for the Republic of China 9 years of Yang Baoqing hook copy to be engraved additionally inside 2 buildings.

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