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Center of river international recreation is worn south

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Center of river international recreation is worn south, be located in Heibei to save travel of the Dai He austral city of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty to go vacationing the area is provincial inside silvan park, subject Yu Na wears river travel to go vacationing the area is in charge of appoint, cover an area of 5.5 square kilometer, area of scene of center of Na Daihe recreation includes marine Eden (center of recreation of international of former Na Daihe) , 4 subordinate unit mixes guesthouse of island of celestial being snail, maritime Eden, Na Daihe garden of China carry on one's shoulder, on the west travel notes palace, swim, existing worker 1000 more than person, tie company of state-owned and large travel, area of scene of travel of national 4A stage, area of first scene of national 5A class nominated 2003 unit. Eden of ocean of center of recreation of Na Daihe international is located in the axes position of area of travel of sector of annulus Bohai Sea, situation is advantageous, communication is very easy. Railway station of the Dai He that be apart from north 15 kilometers, harbor of island of the emperor that be apart from the Qin Dynasty and railway station of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty 30 kilometers, airport of the custom that be apart from hill 45 kilometers, freeway north Dai He exports the Shenyang that be apart from Beijing 5 kilometers, coastal road traverses scene area. Here is far from pollution, environmental quiet and beautiful, air is fresh, vegetation luxuriantly green, had the 5 gist element that current international coast travels completely: Marine, beach, sunshine, air, green. The construction through a few years and perfect, already formed collect to participate in sex of gender, excitant, interest, cultivation the large public place of entertainment at an organic whole. Characteristic project has: Slippery a light boat of the slippery careless field of domestic initiate, slippery battlefield, high mountain, slippery circle, alarmingly dangerous is exciting; Male lion watchs the sea to be sculpture of sex of scene division sign, train of car of cable of glide flying ala, view, UFO UFO car, racing bicycle blocking man, forest, luxurious turn outer space of horse, travel, pompon waves fly, v of dodgems, SamSung, glide cableway of dragon, immense forest, added 2004 went up switchback, corsair, super swing, flying blanket, touch meet a ship project of 5 mechanical recreation, these project alarmingly dangerous are peculiar, each have distinguishing feature; In still having performance of bathing place, bird art, water, go boating, the numerous landscape such as fountain of chute of luxurious houseboat, rockery, square, let tourist " be far from city blatant, return to natural bosom " , year recieve a tourist to amount to 90 much person-time, it is our country northern coast the optimal place to go that recreational travel goes vacationing, already became area of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty now one of times heat scene areas that get tourist favour. Source of idle fund of brigade of center of recreation of Na Daihe international is very rich, rich is advantaged, it is azure sea at the same time, 3 are thick woods. Here beach wide water is clear, sanded soft tide is smooth, air is fresh, forest luxuriantly green. Briny bathhouse is “ country ” of first healthy seawater bathhouse, air quality reached a nation " environmental quality standard " standard of quality of the one level in GB3095-1996 watch, environmental noise quality achieves national O kind standard. Have in garden all sorts of avian nearly 100 kinds, already was saved to label avian and natural groove guard by Heibei now.
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