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Coastal north Dai He fizzles out to prosperous line segment rebuilds inside year

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Yesterday, the reporter learns from bureau of traffic of city of the Qin Dynasty, the Olympic Games is expedite the main item of the project -- Dai He of coastal road north rebuilds to prosperous yellow line segment the project already established project headquarters, at present early days job is undertaking in insecurity.

Coastal road is coupling ring Bohai Sea the main thoroughfare of a few big haven and travel tourist attraction, it is the main line that serves Olympic Games of summer vacation time, service. Among them boreal Dai He fizzles out to prosperous line segment, pass through the country protects area of travel of coast of coastal forest land and Na Daihe, gold, area of scene of along the line is concentrated, road surface low, traffic capacity needs narrow, order and degree, but car flow is large, according to statistic, average traffic amounted to day 2006 5378, sun of summer vacation time rises 3 ~ 4 times, be head and shoulders above road traffic capacity, block of the Sunday run between the tourist attraction happens from time to tome, already became Olympic Games and safeguard of summer vacation time " bottleneck " . Province traffic hall rebuilds this a section of a highway the project includes built a project 2007, be open to traffic of the complete before summer vacation time of demand next year.

According to introducing, this project wears the either end of a bridge austral river bridge to come from coastal road terminal and coastal road and mouth of across of prosperous Huang Xian, the course is full-length 22 kilometers, all fronts uses A road level, design driving speed hour of 80 kilometers / , the budget invests 268 million yuan. At present project feasibility studies the report already passed evaluation of province traffic hall, beginning the prejudication that use the land, annulus to judge, water is protected wait for relevant job.

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