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Migratory north wears look forward to of many 10 Beijing river CBD

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"Since this year, the headquarters of company of originality of much home culture that comes from Beijing or branch enter area of diplomatic mission of company of headquarters of the Dai He that be stationed in north early or late. " the section of economic integration of look forward to of ferry of the 2nd Beijing that held a few days ago cooperates on forum, north of city of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty wears river area appoint clerical Cao Ziyu expresses, regard Qin Huang as the CBD seat of insular city, look forward to of at present Beijing already wore the main force of river CBD into north.

This year in Feburary, dai He CBD and Beijing CBD are in charge of north appoint can initiate forum of collaboration of area of Beijing ferry look forward to jointly. Between half an year, already division of investment of character of the Xuan Yaguo border that comes from Beijing CBD, constant, group adds up to day of play chess of round-the-world medium, balanced gain, letter to swim too culture transmits a company to wait for industry of originality of much home culture headquarters or branch are entered halt. According to divulging, mix research and development at present design center is migratory to north amount of Beijing look forward to already had many 10.

Cao Ziyu expresses, the area of culture originality garden that area of Dai He core already planned to cover an area of 420 mus mixes north area of headquarters company diplomatic mission, and obligate 180 mus of land await the enterprise that comes from Beijing and Tianjin to enter only halt. North wears river side to return acceptance to be the Beijing ferry enterprise that be stationed in to offer inferior business affairs cost, for the enterprise development creates better condition.

A few days ago, the CBD of Ji San ground is in charge of Beijing ferry appoint still can sign agreement of tripartite strategy cooperation, chamber of commerce of Beijing CBD banking and medium industry chamber of commerce all wear a river to establish branch in north, beijing international copyright trades central Heibei branch also wears settle north the river.

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