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Area of harbour of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty is started " rustic zool

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Recently, harbour area " rustic zoology swims " construction is started in the round, the ceremonially that start, area farming is versed in appoint still undertook vocational training to the controller of 13 villages, to every village zoology travel project undertook planning afresh, strive rustic travel brand is made inside year. As we have learned, harbour area serves as development zoology travel this year " 5 big projects " in the main component of zoology project, it is a when serve construction of socialistic new rural area positive step.

Starting ceremonially, harbour area farming labour appoint special invited travel branch chief, economy of give attention to two or morethings, society, modes of life and relation to their environment wants in setting a process with respect to rustic zoology You Jian 3 great benefit undertook specific professional work coachs.

Current, this area " rustic zoology swims " construction already had certain development base, be like east harbor is pressed down east pay the fruit of inn picked garden, boreal harbor presses down temple ear mountain, east, the hill field resource that valley connects on the west, hai Yang presses down harbor of small reed Zhi, li Yuan's circumjacent contemporary agriculture and the rural new appearance that harbor presses down periphery of law cloud temple on the west, and had had a few famous spent harbour presses down Xiaogao Zhuang Baiguo garden, small Li Zhuang is vegetable and picked sightseeing garden, had certain reception ability, the Olympic Games can face tourist to open completely during the meeting.

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