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Beijing station adds north to wear ticket of river carry out only mouth

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As heat carry comes, go out the passenger day of travel is gradual much. Beijing station is added during heat carries arrive a passenger 15 pairs, add a student to make work only at the same time mouth, boreal Dai He makes work only the essence such as the mouth refines the window convenient passenger buys ticket.

Beijing station concerns personage introduction, heat carries Beijing station predicts number of passenger getting on a car will reach 5.99 million person this year, beijing station is added arrive a passenger 15 pairs, increase a large number of wicket openings at the same time, at present wicket mouth has achieved 120. In Beijing of office of carry out ticket the station opened ticket of zone of ticket of motor-car group carry out, student to make work only hot line of mouth, travel only mouth, that day ticket only mouth, odd ticket only window of ticket of mouth, short distance, deal with book ticket only the mouth, satisfy the requirement of different passenger.

North wears a river is the first selection ground that Beijing citizen is away for the summer holidays all the time, after heat carry begins, beijing stands only then send the train that in north Dai He jockeys to be achieved 11 times, the train that in island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty the station jockeys is achieved 12 times. Buy a ticket for the passenger more convenient, beijing station still added north to wear river ticket to make work only designedly mouth, the passenger can be followed along with the ticket that buys past north Dai He.

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