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Island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty increases density to amount to to Shanghai

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Will rise on December 27 from this year, airport of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty will increase island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty - Shanghai airliner density, from what have every week two increase to every week 4.

Increase a flight number newly by Oriental airline B737-300 or 700 type hold fly, predict every week 4, weekday 16 when take off 55 minutes by Shanghai, 18 when arrive at Qin Huang island 25 minutes, return time is 19 when by Qin Huang 05 minutes the island takes off, 20 when arrive at Shanghai 30 minutes.

It is reported, island of emperor of former the Qin Dynasty - Shanghai airliner by type of Shanghai airline B737 hold fly, weekly Zhou Er, Zhou Wu two. Of Dong Hang joining is city of the Qin Dynasty introduces two airline first at the same time hold fly a course. Make every week 2, Zhou Si, Zhou Wu, weekday all has Qin Huang island - the airliner going there and back of Shanghai.

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