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Han Dan summer vacation time had go to what north wears a river only then hair c

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Go wearing river seaside amuse oneself toward north for convenient citizen summer vacation time, will come on July 1 on September 2, han Dan railway station will add N226 second wear a river to north only then hair temporarily train.

N226 second daily afternoon 5 when 48 minutes from Han Dan only then after hair, inn of sanded river of by way of, Xing Tai, Shijiazhuang, calm city, Baoding, tall tablet, Beijing on the west, county of north of Langfang, Tianjin, Tang Shan, Luan, Chang Li, north wears a river, before dawn 5 when reach city of island of emperor of terminus the Qin Dynasty 37 minutes, near 12 hours when whole journey is used.

This times of train differs as a result of daily model, will meet even-numbered days has berth July, odd-numbered days is entirely hard. All ticket all can be 10 days ahead of schedule inside city dot of each be commissioned to sell sth is bought.

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