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City of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty the Olympic Games is sessional 2008

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To ensure an our city abstruse ample competition and safety of transportation of road of summer vacation time and expedite, go out to provide convenient, smooth traffic environment all right for people, government of people of city of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty decides, on July 15, 2008 0 when to on August 18 24 when, take step of following traffic control, show announce to be as follows:
One, in Qin Huang insular urban district implements system of road car pass

(one) execute area: Area of harbour area, Dai He of developing zone, north, hill custom division is all road.

(2) the name of the pass and sort: Pass name is " pass of urban district of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty " (pass of the following abbreviation) , cent is 3 days of passes and lunar pass two kinds.

(3) of the pass explain get:

1 , will begin on July 5, head of word of C of this locality look forward to and the motor vehicle that are stationed in certificate of proof of branch of registration of vehicles of public security of classics of unit of the Qin Dynasty, by place unit or house appoint card of meeting proof letter, Id, driver's license, drive a vehicle offers application to local police station, classics police station is registered, examine, safe to car examination, after signing safe responsibility form, issue a month freely " pass " . The taxi that public transportation substation runs city public security bureau continuously, bus applies for to deal with to public transportation substation.

2, the motor vehicle that enters an our city is registered via checkpoint of each public security, dot, examine, safe to car examination, after signing safe responsibility form, send 3 days freely " pass " (contain this locality not the motor vehicle of pass of nuclear hair month) .

3, checkpoint of each public security, dot can is opposite hold " pass " motor vehicle undertakes selectiving examination randomly, right " pass " after the car course that exceeds period of efficacy checks qualification, the nucleus sends 3 days " pass " .

4, police station, public transportation substation accepts those who lose a permit by administer of in charge of explain get filling card, examine a nucleus to send by the regulation.

5, unit of safe to was not being fulfilled responsibility or individual, public security mechanism can call in pass, during Olympic Games canal accuses, prohibit start off travel; Discovery violates act, public security mechanism undertakes condemnatory lawfully.

(4) hold " pass of urban district of Qin Huang island " current car, forbid travel Olympic Games special path, place closes the beard such as special path holds area, summer vacation time the road of special permit.

(5) management department of public security transportation is right during traffic control without " pass " or " pass " exceed period car, will undertake condemnatory lawfully by concerned regulation.

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