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North wears a river to come up out of land Kang Xi year a monument

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In " Culture Revolution " during once was used as civilian curtilage the Kang Xi of foundations year a monument recently eventually " see light again " .

On April 16, when north wears Zhu Yongsheng of river village villager to undertake to oneself building overhaul rebuilds, discover foundations place has monument shape thing, he is seasonable after discovery made a report to cultural relic branch. After staff member of cultural relic of boreal Dai He reachs the spot on April 17 morning, the course clears carefully, discover 3 monument in all (remains) cultural relic, among them the spot maintains to be Kang Xi 51 years (1712) tablet body and tablet. According to introducing, this Kang Xi year literal account is used above monument amorous feelings of the historical culture that north wears a river at that time, folk-custom, have huge value to studying north wears river history. Additional two monument admit hard because of handwriting, remain to be mixed at further textual research research.

As we have learned, be in " Culture Revolution " during, north wears a river large quantities of cultural relic are destroyed, because monument material is qualitative better, very much at that time villager go off with uses as foundations, in recent years, north wore river area to discover this one circumstance when cultural relic census, but because be more civilian curtilage, did not undertake mining. This Zhu Yongsheng gives monument actively cultural relic branch, made contribution to study north wears river history, in hoping about the branch more dwellers can share the range that protects to cultural relic, come.

At present these 3 monument already sent north to wear river collect to send a company to undertake appropriate keeps, undertake in order to offer an expert study.

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