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North wears river history

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History of boreal Dai He is long. Far in the The Neo-lithic Age, first civilian people multiply on this land haunt. Business, Zhou Shi belongs to Gu bamboo country; Before the park 664 years, gu bamboo dies, the ground belongs to swallow country; Swallow country is belonged to when age the Warring States. Qin Wangzheng 25 years (BC 222 years) , the Qin Dynasty attacks Wang Ben distant via this east, capture swallow king is fond of, swallow dies

Only then emperor 32 years (BC 215 years) , qin Shi emperor the 5th east make one's rounds arrives stone tablet stone, "Door of stone of quarter stone tablet " , in today golden hill mouth builds make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital. Great-great-grandfather 13 years (BC 206- - 204 years) , north wears mouth of hill of river couplet peak, golden hill to be taken, had become Bohai Sea sea area coastal one of harbor of 3 main forces. BC 110 years, chinese after Wu Didong make one's rounds seals buddhist Mount Taishan, at Xia Siyue north is searched maritime to stone tablet stone, build here " Han Wu stage " . 207 years autumn, after Cao holds north to decide Wu Huan, corridor of edge distant westing answers division, draw near the sea will face condition of stone of change ancient stone tablet, endow with " view the sea " . Great undertaking of the Sui Dynasty 8 years (the Christian era 612 years) , feeling of Yang Xuan of a high official in ancient China of the Ministry of Rites in feudal China recieve orders fleet of army provisions of carry of superintend and director, from Taiyuan storehouse (Tong closes on the west) , storehouse of mouth of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces and Li Yang and other places set out, suitable Yellow River, always aid canal closes harbour of stone tablet stone to turn to big talk of white wolf water via facing Yu into Bohai Sea bay separately (Sui Gaiyu water is white wolf water) collect looking at the sea. Chastity watchs 19 years (the Christian era 645 years) , tang Taizong asks for Gao Li in person, will return after victory in September, october closes into Lin Yu, and " record a merit of Ci Hanwu stage, quarter stone " . To period of gold of the Song Dynasty, because harbour of stone tablet stone is located in between Song Liao, suffer chaos caused by war and the Song Dynasty to be affected to the ban on maritime trade of distant, shipping is exiguous with each passing day. To 1173, tradition of harbor of stone tablet stone is marine stop. World Zu Zhiyuan 15 years (1278) , yuan Shizu " hair civilian 9000, cutting Yu Shan and the tree that take cloister, graveyard " , begin to be in " smooth Luan shipbuilding " . 20 years (1283) spring, because make the same score Luan shipbuilding to be apart from cutting ground far, carriage difficulty, satisfy change to come between the foreign influx, mouth that wear a river shipbuilding. 1392, 1393, harbor of stone tablet stone answer boat. To execute marine south grain plan, shorten range, the person such as You Zhuqing is changed early or late and open up new marine line, islands of two Jiyou Chong Ming arrive directly at Chun Xia north the foreign influx, mouth that wear a river, make since golden distant long-term since flat haven begins vivid capriole to come again. To 1372, the foreign influx, mouth that wear a river becomes military transport harbor once more. 1380, harbor of stone tablet stone already appeared inchoate passenger transport. 1381, set " golden hill is defended " , division having water is stationed, belong to Shanhaiwei. Jia Jing 7 years (1528) , di Peng of a high official in ancient China of the Ministry of War in feudal China is demoted during government-owned return to native place, mouth of golden hill of climb a hill, compose a poem " sea mouth sail " . Suitable treat 13 years (1656) , suitable treat the Supreme Being to set Nanhai battalion mouth, set in main big talk fielding and always, the sea route that belong to hill administer, by guard of Tianjin water division, old bibcock rises east, the mouth that wear a river comes on the west, all over littoral set fort and mound stage. 1737, remove Shanhaiwei, set the county that face Yu, north wears a river to put in its 's charge administer.

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