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Face the sea, chun Nuanhua leaves: North wears a river, the dream heaven that sw

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Picture: Gauze of poetic beautiful marriage photographs

The travel resort north below renown Wen Tian wears a river, greeted the one visitor that approves another batch to come from all over the country. Between these tourists, have a special group, their purpose is travel is away for the summer holidays not merely, it is more important to still have " the task " -- film marriage gauze is illuminated.

The great majority that in north the journey that wear a river takes a picture is fashionable and trendy youth. In recent years, as people living standard increase the change with the idea, travel takes a picture more and more get everybody's favour, the gauze of classical exterior marriage that has having a unique style is illuminated, make every the greatest to new personality desire gradually. Restrict as a result of what suffer local rich however, because the new personality of a lot of Beijing areas cannot find proper exterior place and be anxious.

Then people delivers the view to north to wear a river, introduce according to the personage inside course of study, in the client that wears a river to take outer door scene in north, come from Beijing already near 80% , and the near future shows ascendant trend. Why does many Beijing lovers choose to wear a river to pat marriage gauze to illuminate in north?

Understand discovery through the author, boreal Dai He films as exterior the newly-married sweethearts to Beijing is having the land individual appeal. Above all, north wears a river to have the natural advantage of its oneself, she the identity with its summer resort is famed China and foreign countries, seascape is beautiful, relaxed happy person, travel and take a picture neither by accident; Next, beijing place films without seascape the ground, beijing is apart from north Dai He is mere the car Cheng of 23 hours, communication is easy, freely going there and back; The 3rd, the orgnaization of marriage gauze photography of place of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty was aimed at Beijing field technically to roll out what provide allure extremely to cover department product, be based on local consumption level, cover department content likewise, the price of two ground wants Beijing the Qin Dynasty differ a lot of.

"I like the sea most, marriage gauze is illuminated all one's life this time, taking a picture in the seaside also is my desire, I get hundred satisfaction, in north Dai He travels and take a picture neither is delayed, be in Beijing to be able to not find such sense. " a paragraph of word of Miss Li was represented very big the state of mind that wears the sweethearts that the river takes a picture in north partly.

Through the introduction of the cameraman that taking a picture in the seaside, the author visited shop of photography of gauze of beautiful marriage of poem of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty, when the exterior marriage gauze that speaks of north wearing a river photographs, this inn controller introduces, north wears the beautiful scenery with river sea uniform nature, it is the characteristic resource that attracts Beijing client. Shi Meizao realized this when 2004, and pay all at the action, a sector of an area with river the most beautiful coasting is worn in north, dove nest along the line, planned to film base. According to the special demand that marriage gauze photographs, built VIVIAN mood garden. Established a standard run technological process, all-around contented client demand, a department that is aimed at different group and the products plan that have originality also let a client have the room of more choice.

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