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North wears world of river villa become famous

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North wears the old villa of the river, it is common people common say " old building " . These old buildings divide villa outside, still include latter-day church building, public construction, business affairs building to wait. The north of be in fashion for a period is worn at that time river and Hawaiian eponymous, be called " East Asia is away for the summer holidays the coronal of the ground " . Establish eve to new 1949 China from 19 centuries end, only the celebrity villa of boreal Dai He amounts to 719. Among them, country of the United States, England, France, Germany, Russian, Italy, Belgian, Canada, Austria, Spain, Greek substandard is villatic amount to 482, become the 2nd large villatic area of Chinese that is next to cottage hill.

North wears the old building of the river to be built for monolayer more, the part is 2, three-layer building, mostly with wall of red top, element, big balcony and small and exquisite be good at. The door, window, wall, top, step pass artistic modelling and ornament, show a bright exotic style already, protruding reveals disparate building genre, call with cottage hill, Xiamen, Qingdao " 4 large villatic areas of Chinese " . What these old buildings recorded north to wear river and even Chinese mordern history is changeable, because harships of more than 100 years denudes to be the influence of the element with all sorts of people, these cannot modern building natural resources already sufferred reborn the nibble of different level and destroy, save at present have more than 130 latter-day building in good conditionly, already developed old villa of 8 each distinctive now. They are He Xiangning villa, Dong Ling respectively villa of heart of sea of building of young lady of meeting cathedral, Switzerland, horse, Gu Weijun villa, gardens villa, 5 phoenix buildings, Fu Zunyi is villatic wait.

Group of buildings in these old villa are medium, be worth to pay close attention to particularly, the mark that made 1903 is worn of history of a paragraph of abasement of Chinese " custom building " ; Have those who unscramble northward industry Ju Zizhou to learn bright aspirations " interesting garden " ; The hero that construction north wears a river -- of Zhu Qiling " gourd ladle Tian Xiaozhu " ; The Home Zhang building that still wealthy businessman Wu Dingchang bets a when maintain the most luxurious villa and little Shuaizhang to learn fine field headquarters with an a person of extraordinary powers. As these old villatic and mysterious veil open, will make the historical incident of a lot of complicated and confusing of the nearly hundred years late Qing Dynasty that come, the Republic of China, become more plump and clear.

The building of Swiss young lady of old villa

1897, before Switzerland is stationed in the consular Qiao He of Tianjin consulate to spend birthday 8 years old in the daughter, will to north wear a river on a special trip, at that time, north wears river seaside to be in Tianjin extremely rich already fame, it is the classes lies fallow acceptedly go vacationing heaven. Qiao He wears the purpose of the river to north, should be in this China namely " the classes " recreational the place that personage of national ground, diplomacy gathers, seek ground of a geomantic treasure, regard a daughter as the birthday present of 8 one full year of life. Allegedly, tall and the hill landscape water that take north to wear a river, final phase became medium the address that building of Swiss young lady is in. Want in those days, geomantic division does his utmost pretentious this land, what is built on dragon arteries and veins, part is top, have " jinx gentleman " protect shelter etc. This district already had one Englishman to build at that time place is simple and villatic, the thing lies between more than 100 years, we cannot accurate learn Qiao He at that time how agitate convinces each other, acquire district property right finally. But the building that we see today, faithful however report in those days Qiao He goes in for sth in a large scale building, extend house amounts to the feat of 1065 square metre.

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