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Inside: Before founding a state, already began to prepare to construct boreal Da

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■ the origin that north wears a river to run public system

North wears long-standing of river office system, after north wore a river to liberate on October 26, 1948, the old revolution that a few have what contribute too to suffer from chronic to revolution and disable the personage needs to get appropriate take care of. Controller of group ministry hostel is in then in boreal Dai He is established in group ministry sanatorium.

1952, group ministry north wears river sanatorium to join management board of the general office central in, incognito wear river sanatorium for north of mechanism of directly under of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the north that stipulates central cadre has a week one year to control wears a river to rest holiday. And as north system of the office that wear a river is formed formally was 1953. It is year of autumn, central decision summer wears river office in north, establish preparatory group, in beginning to be in, straight north wears river seaside building, road and water tower are built inside sanatorium, still be in river east the office of straight sanatorium in the ground was being bought to build a few buildings to regard as south stockaded village and the land that focus recuperate, what the foot of a hill or mountain south hill of seedpod of the lotus is villatic office uses group of summer that the Nanhai in giving regards the leader central as room. Second year, in straight sanatorium is incognito in be straight cadre retreat, the place that central summer handles official bussiness weighs one branch department.

In November 1954, the use policy that the State Council determines to north wears river recreational area is: For central summer vacation time office serves. This year, dai He seaside recieves north to be away for the summer holidays and recuperate personnel 36800 much people, among them 30 people of central leader, 154 people of cadre of ministry bureau class.

"Culture Revolution " during, north wears river office system to interrupt, committee of job of summer vacation time also as " Culture Revolution " arrival cancelled. Arrived 1983, the leader of the State Council at that time inspects to island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty, show Central Committee of Communist Party of China of summer vacation time, the State Council wants to wear river office in north, 1984, north wears a river to become China again " Xia Dou " .

■ the content that boreal Dai He handles official bussiness and characteristic

Dai He office contains north to recuperate partly actually half job property. Annual summer vacation time, the main form that central leader wears a river to handle official bussiness in north is to receive foreign visitor, attend a meeting, the decision is great and decision-making.

What former the Ministry of Public Security grows Luo Ruiqing is female collect point point is in " gules and familial archives " the memory in one book says:

"Annual 7, August is the family goes the day of boreal Dai He, besides us, a lot of someones go... between the family that this season becomes these positional close, the happiest intercourse in a year is seasonal.

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