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The Chinese famous city that is worth to recommend to the world most awaits anth

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Be located in Heibei province, east adjacent Liaoning, ferry capital is accepted on the west, the Bohai Sea is faced south, north leans on Yan Shan, be located in northeast, China north the heartland of area of economy of Bohai Sea of the combinative department of area of two old economy, annulus. 2000 old before, the person of dispatch of Qin Shi emperor of unified China crosses nautical fathom to beg from this immortal not old drug, get a name consequently " island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty " .

2006, communal greenbelt area amounts to average per capita 9.2 square metre. Main travel landscape is the littoral scene with be good at of hill, sea, travel resort has the strand that wears a river to be a center with north the area of travel beauty spot, scene of travel shutting a city that is a center with hill custom and the scene of lofty mountains travel that are core with old mountain range area.

Element of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty has good name of northward fruit, an abundant place, also be our country north is exclusive at the same time do not freeze fine harbor. This harbor is with the sources of energy output is given priority to one, hold the modern big harbor of battalion groceries and container concurrently, it is the 2nd big harbor of Chinese, it is the world's greatest energy output harbor.

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