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How does winter play in island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty?

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Even if cold winter festival, but come to element with the Qin Huang island with travel celebrated city, you cannot not go out to ramble. Our specially prepared message of famous tourist attraction of town of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty for you.

Now besides minority seasonal too strong tourist attraction, if north wears boat of river sea upper reaches, strange Louji,the tourist attraction such as tower of snail of garden, green jade has been shut besides, most tourist attraction or as usual are open. If you are to form a delegation,head for scene area, then you still can enjoy an organization to buy ticket privilege.

The particular case such as the price of tourist attraction entrance ticket that city of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty opens normally, course that take a car, open time, following:

Harbour area

■ new bay marine world

Open time: Came at 9 o'clock in the morning afternoon at 4 o'clock, have the show that feed a fish twice everyday, it is in the morning respectively mixed at 11 o'clock afternoon at 3 o'clock.

Entrance ticket price: 60 yuan / person

Tourist attraction address: Harbour Ou Hebin road 81

Cross access line: By 25 buses new bay marine world gets off

Connect a telephone call: 0335-8065699

North wears river area

North wears river area the open time of each tourist attraction is everyday in the morning 8: 30 to afternoon 5: 30.

■ collect sends sightseeing garden

Entrance ticket: Enter garden freely to this city tourist now, nonlocal tourist collection 15 yuan / the person's entrance ticket

Tourist attraction address: North wears the road in road of river sea north

Cross access line: North wears river railway station to send garden station to get off by 5 buses market

Connect a telephone call: 0335-4019002

■ wild animal garden

Entrance ticket: 60 yuan / person

Tourist attraction address: Littoral highway middle crosses access line: By way of of 34 buses inside city hereat

Connect a telephone call: 0335-4182201

■ park of couplet peak hill

Entrance ticket: 22 yuan / person

Tourist attraction address: North wears road of river couplet peak

Cross access line: After the seaside arriving by 34 inside city, turn multiply 5

Connect a telephone call: 0335-4041591

■ dove nest park

Entrance ticket: 15 yuan / person

Tourist attraction address: North wears road of river columbine wing

Cross access line: The directive is pressed to seaside highway by the car inside city card directive course undertakes arriving namely

Connect a telephone call: 0335-4041774

■ tiger stone park

Entrance ticket: 8 yuan / person

Tourist attraction address: North wears river tiger stone

Cross access line: Arrive by 34 buses inside city below littoral station south row 500 meters

Connect a telephone call: 0335-4044470

Hill custom area is main tourist attraction