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At the beginning of September, boreal Dai He is driven oneself swim!

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Had the honor to read everybody's enthusiastic travel notes, I also confidence chose dye-in-the-woodly to be driven oneself swim boreal Dai He!

All right:

It is this since buying a car, drive oneself for the first time swim! The path that Beijing wears a river to north is true too suitable, it doesn't matter can write! Go up namely Beijing Shenyang high speed, north wears a river / Na Daihe exit goes out, because taking two old people and LD this,cost of high speed going there and back is 240 yuan of; , also went incidentally so Na Daihe, come out to return ground library from the home, oil of 700 kilometers; expends as it happens to calculate oneself!


Because be travel off-season, basically did not expend too much setbacks! Go seeing; had been held out more to Http://www.beidaihe.org! I chose building materials hotel, establishment is OK still, did not feel seascape room has the place with special what however, proposal if everybody considers material benefit, stay in, quite good; wants romantic, biting gnash one's teeth to stay in what I stay in three-layer; this time is 2, the tree before discovery is really good as a result obscured major seascape! Actually the establishment of 3 administrative levels is same! Later, we also were analysed, actually if say material benefit, be inferior to going apartment of live front courtyard, although leave the sea a bit far, but cheaper; returns the value so is pretty be to one's profit!

2 buildings 2, between big bed (2)---290*2=580 yuan;


Basically be reward with food and drink this 2 old, because of me LD was pregnant, so 2 often serve her to my home, and I am old Mom likes travel particularly, take the advantage of so take them to come out to come loose on the weekend beguilement! Quite good!

Arrived at 10 o'clock Saturday north wears a river, after CHECK IN, strolled everywhere! After be being contacted with respect to He Wangyong next, go having a meal over there him! (Wang Yong this individual is too candid, I can be reported in detail from the back) after; meal, small rest, went out to have a good swim a Bohai Sea, discovering seawater is salty really, ha. . . . .

Still smoked time to turn urban district of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty, meaning of it doesn't matter, the result still got lost, ask about north to wear a river again all the way, ha, quite close, see there is no harm!

Standing in the evening on beach, feeling very bright, very romantic, very. . . . . . . . . . . . . Feel very more than be close friends by day anyway!

The following day, I drive went Na Daihe, arrived gold coast, the bright that feels true, this moment, acting channel appeared! The old person likes more mature place, so they feel north wears a river very good; and we like quieter, although development is later,the river is worn south, but I feel beach and seawater want the Dai He that compare north a lot of stronger, the choice that lives namely is not much, the place that have a meal is not much; but suit to be driven oneself particularly swim or go to before sweethearts! In gold coast bright one morning, the husband and wife that reachs a pair of Beijing with Wang Yong again afternoon after a FB, safety returns a city!