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North wears the be concerned about of river cultivated land

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Cultivated land is not to point to Chinese traditional medicine, be like however " ripe female " same, those who say is here has been developed so that it doesn't matter was concerned about. But so old come, always be people cannot enter some places inside. An old villa, be in dispersedly forest, seaside, do not register a trademark, do not open the door, incorrect outside, people knows, only a paragraph of Duan Shi is the story of and rather than, and the scenery that peeps from a crack between a door and its frame. Because had these be concerned about, north wears a river also with respect to in store a mysterious glamour.

Nowadays, these old villa become close eventually civilian rise, the tourist is OK go for a walk goes in to look, or with respect to take up one's quarters, read a book quietly below corridor, let sea wind be being blown, slowly go off. Once open,need not worry about be concerned about, boreal Dai He becomes cadaverous from now on insipidity, because of the answer of backside of be concerned about, as much fascinating.

Occupy old villa

A person of extraordinary powers curtilage building of young lady of one dream Switzerland

Visit young lady building, it is completely sufferred curiosity drive, should see 8 years old after all the girl can get how mysterious birthday present. In those days, tall of envoy of the Switzerland at the beginning of this 20 centuries and the villa that build for daughter place, be located in on road of the east longitude on the side of municipal hostel in a run-down garden, passed hundred years vicissitudes of life. The word that uses a staff member says, after liberating, this is to use 2 bags of millet to change whole villa.

Nowadays this building already repair anew, can welcome a visitor. Go in to look, plaint in the heart: God-given and brand-new indoor decorate do not appear abrupt, all furniture and ornamental look pass those who currently hold the post ofhost is elaborate choose, sending out classic and romantic feelings. Push the vitreous door in the room, on corridor of annulus of the buy outside going, it is to twinkle before the seawater of the ray.

When I like the dusk very much, stroll in the garden, corridor of flower wearing, cane, flower wearing, sculpture, fountain, had never changed it seems that, water of well of hundred years ancient well still clear, the rare flowers that transplants from Switzerland blooms innocently, the hundred years wine cellar of basement is saved up to now in good condition, can use normally unexpectedly!

In the dead of night, in the cany chair that takes on corridor, carry a cup of wine, listen nearby the sound of ocean wave, as one falls, it is best contemplative music.

Address: North wears a river to install 2 2

Room with the service: This building floor area 1056 square metre, main body divides a layer.

The price: 19800 yuan / set -- experience noble of type of the hundred Europe year ago to live to also want to pay lordliness price.